DO SI RAK : Shaking Up Your Lunch Box

There’s always a good reason to check out healthy eateries because they are the ones who would put more effort in serving up wholesome and nutritious meals to feed us. They work to improve our health and overall well-being. Shouldn’t they deserve some sort of a recognition for making this place a better world?
Things are definitely shaking up with several healthy eateries spring up that makes the food scene here a little more exciting. Eating clean doesn’t just revolves around chomping greens and feasting on gourmet salads. Healthy food is more than just greens and we just need more creative individuals to show you how tasty healthy food can be.
Sick of eating greens? Check out DoSiRak. I was at one of their outlets at China Square Central a couple of days back! They make nutritious bibimbap that is packed in an attractive tub that looks like an ice cream tub. It’s way better than ice cream, actually.
Heard of the all-time favourite signature Korean dish, Bibimbap? It’s actually a bowl of rice, sautéed and seasoned vegetables mixed with hot pepper paste called Gochujang (고추장). Likewise at DoSiRak, they serve nutritious Korean lunch boxes that are carefully proportioned to meet the dietary needs of each individual. I must say that it’s a well-balanced meal for lunch or dinner.
At DoSiRak, the vegetables are cooked using the sous-vide method that allows them to be cooked at a lower temperature to prevent overcooking. This method of cooking also retains nutrients stored in the fresh vegetables and high temperatures can denature the living enzymes and vitamins store in it. This is perfect for those who can’t really eat raw vegetables as it cause them to bloat or suffer from indigestion problems.
There are vegetarian and gluten-free options where you can choose cauliflower rice instead of brown or white rice.
The prices here are quite pocket-friendly too with each lunch box costs less than $10.
You can even customise your own Korean lunch boxes by choosing your favourite toppings. I tried their Kimchi Tofu and Spicy Chicken lunch boxes and we chose our own toppings. They’ve got like shredded carrots, purple cabbage, spinach, radish and bean sprouts which are all typical ingredients added into the bibimbap.
It’s an unconventional way of eating from a tub with a spoon. It reminded me of those Chinese food takeaways I had in Canada.
That’s Spicy chicken sitting on a heap of veggies and brown rice.
Kimchi Tofu with Cauliflower rice and with more kimchi hidden underneath because the kimchi is so delicious when it is eaten with the rice.
The portion is just about right – sufficient to fill you up for lunch or dinner.
To enjoy a tub of DoSiRak, you first drizzle their homemade Gochujang over all the ingredients. Their Gochujang is not made from corn syrup or any refined sugars but it is substituted with other forms of fruit sugars. And unlike the usual Gochujang that has this thick paste-like consistency, theirs is made with a smoother and thinner consistency so that it is easier to mix the sauce in, ensuring that all the ingredients are well-coated with this savoury fermented Korean condiment.
SO, that means you can go a little more generous with the sauce. JUST a little.
The Gochujang brings the taste factor up a notch when added. So it’s definitely a must!
And then you shake it up and down (with the lid on, of course!) like how you did with those shaker fries. And after it a good shake, it’s time to dig in!
It’s definitely so much easier to shake to mix the sauce than to use a spoon to mix manually because sometimes the sauce doesn’t coat all the ingredients evenly.
If you are going to shake before each meal, you’re gonna shake your way to a toner body.
It’s my first time tasting cauliflower rice and I really like its texture and it does look and taste like rice! The spicy chicken chunks were tender and it just goes really well with the sauce and everything else. But my favourite is still their Kimchi tofu because unlike the kimchi which I’ve tasted elsewhere, the kimchi here is less sourish and has a more savoury punch to it.
It’s just so tasty that I might want to head back for more. And the good news is they do deliveries!
DoSiRak is also one of the Healthier Dining Partner Outlet under the Health Promotion Board’s initiative to promote healthier eating among Singaporeans.
We don’t just eat clean to lose kilos but to improve the quality of our diet. Let’s be a little more conscious as to what goes into our body.
Do check out DoSiRak’s website and Facebook Page for more information and latest updates.

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