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I’ve yet to try the vast arrays of products offered at Expressions but you’d be surprise to know that there are so many beauty and wellness products offered at Expressions where you can either purchase it through their website online or directly at their outlets. Some of the products are exclusively sold at Expressions so you can’t really find them anywhere else and I also like the fact that their products contain mostly natural ingredients. 
Expression’s Slim Juice is one such product which I’ve tried lately after reading several good online reviews of this product. My experience with this product is a pleasant one but I prefer to call it a detox juice and here’s the reason why.
There are 14 sachets of Slim Juice in each box to be taken over the course of 14 days. I would drink one sachet every morning before breakfast. And by the time, when it is around 4 pm, I would feel the need to empty my bowels. 
First of all, I like to say that I don’t visit the toilet very regularly to excrete any solid waste. Sometimes, I do suffer from constipation symptoms. So I was really glad that with Slim Juice, I am having a regular bowel movement and don’t you think that it felt great to get rid of everything? Isn’t it awesome to feel somewhat lighter after all the waste is removed?
I shall not dwell into it further otherwise it’s just going to disgust some of you. 
The Slim Juice probably contains alot of fibre that facilitates digestions and thus, helping your body to get rid of toxins quicker and at the same time, keeping you lighter. 
This product is made in France and it is more of like a food supplement that is made from vegetable-sourced active trace elements and vitamins with sweeteners.  You can mix the formula with fresh juices or smoothies as an added supplement to boost the overall nutritional value of your favourite beverages.
Burning stubborn fat cells stored away in the body
Drain harmful toxins hindering the absorption of nutrients
Creates a smooth movement for the breakdown of food
Appeases appetite all day long
Reduces the tendency of snacking
What you need to do is to mix the Slim Juice formula with water. It actually bubbles quite a bit and produces a thick froth that floats to the top. It has a citrus orange taste to it which is quite palatable.

Here’s the ingredient label printed on the packaging which you might want to check out.


This slim juice would aid in weight loss if you make changes to your diet by eating cleaner or lesser and perhaps increasing your physical activity. This juice would be that booster to help weight loss.
I took it as a form of supplement and continued to maintain the current lifestyle that I’m leading – exercising about two to three times a day for an hour or so and going mainly vegetarian. 
I don’t think I’ve lost any significant weight from this but I find this as a great supplement to help maintain weight especially for those who tend to experience a weight flunctuations after weight lost. It just helps alot in detox and regulating the digestive system to help bring a balance to your body. 
To find our more about this product, visit their website here.

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