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Hairtistry Salon : Hair Transformation – Ash Brown with Highlights


Hello Glitzies !

I have hearing alot of good news lately and felt very blessed to know that they are people who read about my blog. They had benefited from my blog posts and sharings through my social media channels. Nothing makes me smile from ear to ear when I know that I’ve inspire others to lead better lives and try new things.

And there’s this one thing which I’ve yet to tried in life which is to bleach my hair. Though it would be really nice to have hair like those Hollywood stars, I wouldn’t want to risk losing all my hair just because I wanted a colour that would make me look stylish.

I actually enjoy coloring my hair. Guess what? I first dyed my hair when I was 16, still schooling! I was caught by my school music teacher who reported it to the History HOD in my secondary school. I was told to dye it back to my original black colour which I find it dull. I was a little worried but after graduating from school, I started coloring my hair and it made me look less Asian, more like an ‘ang moh’ so to speak which I find it more appealing as a teenager.

Yes, the rebellious self in me wanted to look like Vanessa Hudgens or Kpop stars like BoA who had their hair dyed in brown with some bright copper undertones.

So I’m been dying my hair since my teenage years til 24 when I started to realise how it caused my hair to become so dry. I also find it a hassle to do hair colour touch-ups everything my original black hair emerges from my roots. I was also starting to exercise and learn more about eating clean and going natural.

During this period of time, there were some changes already taking place in the hair industry. Hair dyes no longer contain that much ammonia and today, hair dyes don’t stink as much as before. Also, there are now organic hair dyes available that incorporated a lot of natural and organic ingredients.

I’ve tried organic hair colouring twice before but the colours were quite limited. Though it is safe to use, the colour didn’t stay quite long and it made my hair very dry after 3 months. It could be due to the fact that I didn’t use a colouring shampoo to maintain the condition of my tresses which led to hair breakage and hair fall.

Since then, I decided to stop colouring my hair and went for scalp treatments in hope to get my long and healthy tresses back.

It gets a little more worrying to realize that my scalp was unhealthy. My hair fall problem still persists even with treatment so I decided to just get a short hair cut where it is easier to maintain. True enough, I didn’t drop as much hair as before and I felt that my hair was more manageable then before especially after doing the keratin hair treatment at Hairtistry.

Life becomes a breeze after I had short hair. That’s when I decided to try something bolder.  Get a new hair colour maybe? I knew that my hair stylist, Tonny is an experienced colourist so I decided to give it a try.

I wanted highlights in my hair to give it more texture and an edge. And here’s where all the magic begins!


I had my hair bleached for the first time! I was a little apprehensive but it turns out to be alright because Tonny uses this product called Olapex which reduces hair breakage during the colouring process. This is one of the greatest invention ever!

I had my hair coloured in peace when I know that Tonny uses such high quality products on my hair to achieve that healthy and shiny hairdo.

I think I had like 4 different hair dyes mixed into my hair. Tonny is the piccaso behind this hair canvas. Plus he was wearing these black gloves which really made him look like some mysterious artist.


At this point, I still couldn’t tell how my hair would turn out as I just leave it to Tonny to pick the colours to replicate the hair colour which I wanted after showing him a photo of a lady with this balayage hair colour which is in trend right now.


He just keeps mixing in colours into my hair like he is coloring it with paint.

The colouring process was pretty fast. In less than an hour or so, my hair was ready and the dye sits in perfectly.


Ready to see my transformation?


Not yet.

I’ve yet to introduce a hair roduct which I am currently loving.

Hairtistry is used hair care products from this German brand called Goldwell. I never heard of such brand until Tonny used their colour shampoo on my hair and the scent was lovely!

This colouring shampoo made my coloured hair so soft and smooth. It made a world of a difference. If I use those regular normal hair shampoos, my coloured hair would feel like a rugged. But when I switched back to this colouring shampoo by Goldwell, my hair felt smooth once again.

It could be due to the formula of the shampoo that keeps the hair cuticle real smooth. Also, this salon series of shampoo contains Keratin that further nourishes the hair.

I actually bought back a bottle of the Goldwell Shampoo from Hairtistry because I couldn’t find it anywhere else. It’s expensive but totally worth it. I will talk more about this in my next post so do check it out!




It’s almost blonde but not quite yet. Almost.

The colour looks bright and it made me looked more alive than before.


The base is a mixed of brown and warm copper but it has this hues of blonde highlights that adds more contrast to my hair. It does make me look really outstanding among the crowd.


Tonny had this handphone fitting with a ring light and he tried it to take pictures of my new hair do. My hair looked so shiny and dreamy under white light!


The highlights turns out pretty even and surprisingly, my hair was still smooth and shiny even after the hair colouring process. Clearly, the olaplex he uses is working really well on my hair. The keratin treatment I did also helped to strengthen my hair too.

Do I look like a caucasian or ‘ang moh’ now?

My hairdo really make heads turn and Sam likes it. So I am loving my hairdo even though it’s kinda bright but it made me feel more confident about myself.

Tonny also gave some Goldwell product samples to bring home and try. I was in love with it after trying it out for myself! It’s a life saver so to speak and it really helps to protect my hair from further damages.

I highly recommend the products from Goldwell’s Kerasilk series and I personally like using the Kerasilk color which has this beautiful floral scent that made the hair shampooing process an enjoyable one. A bottle of the shampoo itself costs $40. 


Heartfelt thanks to Tonny and Hairtistry for this stunning hair transformation! I am just so glad that I can find a hairstylist that I can go back to each time to get a new hairstyle.

The prices are not too over the top like those high end salons that could charge you to a hundred plus for a haircut.  A stylist cut for short hair starts from $28 and hair colouring for short hair starts from $88.

I might be doing a vlog on my next visit so do stay tuned!

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