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Where are we heading to?

Mothers’ Day coming and when it comes to this special day, it is very typical of my mum to say that she doesn’t need anything. Thus, buying gifts for her is not really an option. Perhaps a pampering facial treatment would suffice? I don’t think any women would say no to that.

So I brought her to Expressions at Orchard last weekend to try out Expressions’ Salmon Egg V Facial. Salmon roe? Yes, fish egg facials. Tried it?
They use a special formulation which utilised more than 10 natural ingredients exclusively extracted from the Alaska egg roe stem cell. It delivers instant lifting, anti-wrinkle and whitening effects to resurface and restore radiance and brightness of the skin. It’s an anti-aging facial which is exactly what my mum would need. 

Why salmon roe?
It all started in a hatchery in Norway where workers discovered that their hands appeared much smoother and younger looking than the rest of their skin. Soon, it was discovered that it was the result of the submerging of their hands in the cold water filled with the enzymes left after the baby salmon were released from the eggs. These enzymes are released naturally during hatching and its function is to gently dissolve the eggshell so the baby salmon can swim away unharmed. Research has also shown that the salmon roe enzyme targets only at dead skin cells and thus helps to reduce the effects of irritated or peeling skin. Suitable for sensitive skin? Definitely. 

This is a 100-minute facial which includes exfoliating, extraction, steaming, eyebrow trimming, and even face and shoulder massage.
My mum has great skin to begin with and her pores are so fine so that has not much extraction to do. However, her main concerns where the sagging skin and aging lines probably needed some lifting treatment to bring back her own fountain of youth. 
After all the cleansing and extraction process, the therapist carefully took out the secret ingredient – their special formulated ‘salmon roes’. I actually asked the therapist a silly question which got her laughing too.
“Are these edible?”
I thought they were pure salmon roes!
Okay fine. They just made it in such a way to look like salmon roes and when you burst it open, it released a beautiful scent. 
Then the salmon roe formula is massaged into the skin. It was nice looking at my mum feeling so relaxed on the treatment bed while she gets her own skin pampered. 
Then she applied hydrating serum into the skin.
This is followed by a 3D collagen mask which has to be wet by some water for it to adhere closely to the skin.
My mum said that her skin tightened up when the mask is left on her skin for some time. 
This 3D collagen mask is super thin!
Other than some wrinkles around her eye area, she also has some frown lines at her temple, closer to her eyebrow region. The muscles there always looked so tensed.
After the 3D collagen mask is removed…
The facial muscles appear more relaxed and her skin looks plumper. I thought the treatment is going to end but that’s not all!
I wish I had my mum’s skin! The pores appeared smaller after the treatment.
Next, the therapist did a face, neck and shoulder massage for my mum which was what my mum was looking forward to during this whole treatment. She has done so much work taking care of the household that she must be having muscle aches all over. Treating her to a massage would be a good idea too.
The therapist did a firming treatment on my mum’s skin using the Cryo Box machine. It is a cold therapy that helps to tone, firm and lifts up the skin.
Lastly, she applied a layer of hydrating cream and then a gel-like mask which has bits of rose petals in it!
I felt like doing this facial for myself after watching my mum undergoing this premium facial at Expressions.
It smells heavenly and I thought it would be a good idea to come up with a floral facial which uses essences from the various medicinal flowers.
After a good 20 minutes… look at how radiant her skin looks!
But nothing beats seeing that smile on her face once more.
Happy Mothers’ Day!

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