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My Birthday Celebrations + Staycation at Studio M Hotel


Finally, I had the time to blog about my birthday celebrations which happened about 2 weeks ago! I felt very blessed as it was the first time celebrating my birthday together with my love anniversary and Sam! Not to forget that I got baptized yesterday at YWCA under the current church I’m attending. And the greatest birthday gift I received was the gift of speaking in tongues and the love from God and His people.

It started with a birthday celebration with my bestie who prepared a homecooked dinner with her partner for Sam and me at a rented AirBnb apartment.

It was a good conversation over a hearty meal as there were a lot of food and they even had a surprise for me but I soon discovered that they are hidden some Cedele cakes in the fridge. Anyway,  it was a pleasant surprise and it was especially nice to have your bestie and bae to celebrate this special day with you.


A day right after the dinner, I organized a staycation with Sam as I’ve won a one-night staycation voucher at Studio M from a blogging contest. We decided to take this opportunity to celebrate our first anniversary together as a couple.

It started with going church together on a Sunday morning and then lunch at Rollie Olie. It has been one of my favourite sushi places ever since. I am just so glad that I can have this after church because it is right below Star Theatre. In fact, I just had the Kpop Kimchi roll this morning! The service crew there were very friendly too.


I ordered the Go Green Sushi roll which is vegan-friendly while Sam ordered the Kpop Kimchi roll which is really delicious. It might be a little on the pricier side but such good food is worth paying for.

The prices start from $12.95 for each sushi roll.


Then we head over to Studio M is which at Robertson Quay area. Its location is very good as it is located slightly off central where we get to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, while still enjoying the ease and accessibility to travel round and about central Singapore.


Because it was a long weekend, there were so many people checking into the hotel too. Most of them were mainly couples, like us.


Studio M is pretty much like a no-frill hotel to me. Service was not too bad and the rooms were clean. Though the room decor might not look as new and posh, it was okay as long as the bedding is clean and comfortable.

The facilities were pretty basic too. There are an outdoor gym, small lap pool and a jacuzzi at level 2. However, there is a huge seating area with nice cushioned sofas to laze around on a lazy afternoon.


What is unique about Studio M is probably its layout of the room which is a two-level studio room which has a rather small toilet. It’s quite crammed but the ceilings are high and it does look quite spacious from the pictures.


Some rooms had their beds on the first floor while other rooms had their beds on the second floor of the room which we were given. There is a sofa bed below which can be served as an extra mattress for your guests. Sam had kindly offered to sleep on the couch and let me have the bed for the night. 

The bed was surprisingly very comfortable and looks very new. It was something that we did not expect after reading some negative reviews online about Studio M. They mentioned that the rooms were not well-maintained and looked old. But it was looked alright to us and it was clean. The only qualms we have is the super cram toilet.


Some of the furniture are starting to have some scratches but they were clean though the sofa was a little dusty. Perhaps this is why Sam was sneezing the whole night long. Poor thing, he didn’t sleep very well that night!

Check out the pool area! We decided to take a dip after collecting Sam’s One Punch Man toy from the Toy Store at Bugis area. It was a difficult mission because we had to race against time to get to the toy shop soonest possible before they shut its door on us. We did a little Amazing Race that sunny afternoon and Sam called it thrilling.

And I was like, “What is this all about? Spending an afternoon running for a toy?”

But then again, that’s just what couples do for each other. Those small little things…



I got my hair coloured a few days back before my birthday as I asked Sam to take a few pictures for me with my new hair colour and this is what he got.


His photography skills have improved quite a lot because he is trying his best to capture the right angle. The toughest kind of photography is portrait because it is not easy to make everyone look at their best self.


Sam gave up after a while so I began to do some selfies on this special occasion.


Nice? I had my hair dyed at Hairtistry where I would get my hairstylist, Tonny to style my hair. He has been a great hairstylist to work with and I am happy with how it turns out each time I visit his salon at Tampines.


Studio M seems like a popular place for couples to have their staycation at. I wonder what is the price range like though. Our voucher doesn’t come with breakfast so we had to have our breakfast at a nearby bakery.


The hotel amenities are pretty basic. There’s a kettle to boil hot water and a mini fridge. The sink is just right beside the coffee and tea bar. I am totally fine with that as it is also rather convenient to fill up the kettle with tap water when the water source is just right next to it. 

It’s nice to buy presents for a loved one to surprise them. Sam got me a wooden watch from Japan but he had forgotten to bring it that day.

But I brought his gift along and gave him this bottle of cologne which I’ve crafted it at Je’taime Perfumery in Singapore. It’s one of the best gifts you can ever give to your loved one because it is so unique – just like a handmade gift.


Sam brought me to a Star Wars event day at Kallang Wave Mall where there are several toy booths and a display showcasing all the Star wars toy and models.

Then he gave me a Starbucks treat!

It was time to indulge so I didn’t think much about the whipped cream and everything.

Starbucks’ red velvet cupcake is a nice birthday treat!


After a mad rush to the toy store to collect his toy, we took a bus back to our hotel. It was convenient because there were several buses from our hotel area that goes to town.


We checked out the pool and the gym which is not air-conditioned.

We brought out gym attire and shoes to work out but we ended up lazing in our beds after a tiring day. I also forgot to bring another pair of daily contact lenses so I had to head home right after breakfast the next day.

I thought I would have to head out the next day without my disposable lenses but it turns out that I could still wear my daily contacts after soaking it overnight in a glass dish. I knew that it was really bad for the eyes as it might have been contaminated in the glass dish but thankfully, I did not face any problem when I took the lenses out from the water and put it on again. I could still see clearly though my eyes were somewhat dry.

It’s a lifesaving technique because my short sightedness is pretty bad and I needed the clear vision.


The gym is well-equipped with the machines and weights. It has yoga mats and Bosu ball too.


After a cool dip in the pool, we headed over to Robertson Quay for dinner where we had Korean food at this Korean Restaurant called Ju Shin Jung. We felt like gluttons after the meal because we over ordered. It was such a waste of food but we learnt our lesson not to over order the next time round.

They gave a free flow of side dishes like fermented black beans, fish cake, seaweed, and kimchi!


We ordered Chives pancake, Seafood Tteokbokki, and Kimchi soup. The food was good but we were too full to finish everything because the dishes came in huge portions.

Chives Pancake

Seafood Tteokbokki

It had so much fishcake and fresh seafood in it which is enough for 4 people.


It was a food coma that night but at least we had a slow walk around Clarke Quay area before heading back to the hotel.

It was simple but romantic even if it is just talking a stroll because this is the precious time where we get to talk and get to know more about each other.

A year has passed by so quickly and it was amazing how much we have gone through as a couple. We had our own share of fights and to be brutally honest, there were times where I knew I haven’t been a supportive girlfriend towards him and times where Sam just make me want to pull my hair out. It was somewhat tough but it was made better knowing that the both of us is walking along with God and being under his shelter of blessings. It doesn’t matter what we quarrel over as long as our love keeps us together.


I had a good night sleep but he didn’t sleep well as he has a sinus problem. I would be praying for him till he gets well from this which I know God would remove this illness from him which has been bothering him since young.

We had breakfast at this bakery called Artisan Boulangerie Co. The pastries were not bad except for its price.

After that, we both headed back home to run some errands before meeting again that night for dinner with my JC friends, Eunice, and Vanessa!


Sam brought my anniversary gift over! I was a little surprised but I kinda knew that he would purchase something which is made out of wood. Though I hardly wear watches but I would try to wear it more often since he had bought me this special gift from Japan.

I had no idea why this brand of watch is called tense because it is really making me tense just by looking at it. Should it be called ‘Relax’?

It’s actually a well-known brand of the eco-friendly watch using sustainable wood from Canada. So, thank you BAE!


We met over dinner at Cedele and I had my beetroot sandwich with beetroot juice!

We had a great time laughing over Eunice’s animated reactions.


Not forgetting my crazy colleagues who I got to bond closer with this year…

They made a poster and got me to blow a lighter.

They are the ones who will get me cracking during work!


Lastly, a birthday celebration with my gym dance mates over some good Vietnamese food and laughter over Snapchat!


You guys are the best!

And Sam, I love you!

Lastly, thank you Abba Father for this wonderful joyous celebration on my 28th birthday!

Watch this video below for all the highlights that happened during my birthday!

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