The Entertainer App: How to Save $$$ and Still Enjoy What Life Has to Offer

I am not a big spender and you can say that I spend my money rather wisely. Whenever I needed to fork out of more than $10 from my pocket, I would feel that pinch. Every sweat and penny count especially when there’s inflation where suddenly even a pair of kids’ shoes can cost more than $20 – that is equivalent to a Uniqlo T-shirt. 
Sorry, this isn’t a post on 5 money-saving tips to avoid getting broke but rather, I am going to show you how to spend money wisely and carefully through smarter ways.
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Our recent dates and dinners at cafes have also burnt out a huge hole in my pocket. I am not sure how many times I complained to my boyfriend, Sam, that I felt broke every time I go out. We just merely wanted to chill at a cafe and check out what’s new on the menu that sent hunger waves across the Instagram world. In addition, my taste for healthy clean food isn’t very budget-friendly either. Just when I thought I was going to have our dinner dates at hawker centres for the rest of the year, a money-saving app came along which shone this ray of hope – maybe, we can dine in at special cafes or restaurants on special occasions without really burning a hole in our pockets!
I actually never knew The Entertainer App was the answer that existed all along. It wasn’t my first time hearing about this App. At that time, I just thought it’s like Groupon-sort-of-voucher-discount app. How much can this app help you save money anyway?

I realise the huge potential amount of savings this app can bring about when I downloaded it and read about the membership entitlements. This app entitles you to get a 1-for-1 deal at 325 merchant partners and 300 hotels throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Indian Ocean. These deals are not just limited to food and beverages but also beauty salons, spas, fitness and hotels! Getting that 1-for-1 deal is like enjoying 50% off the item.

It’s going to be so worth it for couples and families who dined a lot outside and spend their relaxation time at spas and fitness centres. This is also a great app for travellers where you can free night stays when you make a reservation. There’s this promotion going on right now where you can book one night to get a free night or book two nights to get two nights free. Whatever you purchased already, you get the exactly same thing for free. That’s the spirit of their 1-for-1 deal. 
Ready to spend the hot summer nights during this Summer or June Holidays? 
#Hot Summer Nights: From the 1st May to 31st August 2015, Entertainer Members can book one night, get one free; book two nights, get two free or even book three nights and get three free at more than 120 leading hotel partners. Members would just need to make reservations with their chosen hotel to use the offers, and redemption is subject to availability. 

I’m planning a short getaway to Bali sometime in June this year and this app could really be of help.

Source: Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort
Suppose if I stay at Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali resort, I could book one night to get one night for free. If one-night stay costs me USD $150, I would just need to pay USD150 for 2 nights for a room of 2.  With the savings of USD150, I can use it to pay for my air tickets. 


That’s a good deal for all your travel junkies out there.

Source: The Entertainer App


Here are 3 idiot-proof steps you can follow to be one step close to earn great savings.
1.  Visit App store or Google Play to download The Entertainer App. (This is not to be confused with the Entertainer music by Scott Joplin.
2. Open the app and register for an account.
3. Set your location and start SHOPPING!
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What I Like About the App

1) They are filters to perform quick searches and to navigate around.
2) I found some of my favourite cafes on the app! 
( Here’s a fun fact : The Assembly Grounds was where Sam and I first wrote about our love story. There’s now a reason to head back!)
3) You can find deals within your vicinity as long as you allow the app to track your location.
4) The app can even calculate how much savings you have accumulated.
5) It’s a value-for-money lifestyle app for those who dine outside a lot and those who travels frequently.
Who says you can’t enjoy the finest things in life? You just need to look for smarter ways to enjoy what life has to offer and yet save some money for yourself.
For more information on this buy one for one incentive app , you can visit this website:

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