The Music Run 2016

This is yet another fun run which has music blasted from every corner. There were hidden speakers blasting loud music everywhere – in the bushes, behind the trees and on the roads in Sentosa Island. 
Some of the songs brought back memories and I am so glad that I brought Sam along who is a music fan himself. He knew all the latest hits while I knew nothing of. 
Before the run, there were the Sam Willows which was my first time watching them performing live. There were bold and young. They are really an emblem of the local young musicians. Starting out young, taking that leap of faith and create music in their own world.
I didn’t take many photos though I was walking most of the time while Sam was prancing around. But I did make a video which you guys might want to check it out.
There were several music zones each representing a music genre and it was fun because there were different activities to do and photo spots to take photos at each zone.
Like I said, it is a fun run. This 5 KM run was nevertheless pretty happening. They even had an after-concert which Sam wished that he had stayed but I was hungry so he gave in and both of us went for dinner. Thank you for being so understanding, bae!

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