The Next Best Thing to Water

The next best thing to water is coconut water, a natural electrolyte with a mild nutty flavour that quenches your thirst. If you don’t like the plain taste of water, you might want to grab a packet of coconut water and feel the breeze that brushes across your face as you imagine yourself chilling by the beach.
I was in pure bliss with packets after packets of Vita Coco’s Pure Coconut water. They sent me a box of it which I can use it to make smoothies and perhaps popsicles.

Jam-packed with naturally occurring electrolytes, this coconut water is perfect for those with an active lifestyle. Bring a pack with you to the gym or any outdoor activities and drink up.

It contains natural coconut water, vitamin C and less than 1% of natural fruit sugar.

Fun fact: Do you know that it contains more potassium than a banana?

I also received a few samples of Vita Coco’s coconut oil which I already have in mind what I could use for. I still find it best to apply on my hair and skin as compared to adding it into my meals as a condiment. The nutty flavour of the oil can sometimes be marred the taste of the food if it is not carefully paired with. 
One way is to add it to coffee powder and make a coffee body or facial scrub which helps get rid of cellulite. I swear by this as it has really helped in softening the skin and firming it up.

It can also be used as a substitute for butter but coconut nut has this strong nutty flavour. If you like it, you can spread it on the bread like butter.

Some people also use this for oil pulling. I heard that it has a lot of health benefits when you swish coconut oil in your mouth but I read that other oils might be more effective for oil pulling. It supposedly also helps you to whiten your teeth too!

As for the juice, I still think it’s best to drink it alone to savor its natural taste.Vita Coco’s coconut water is a little on the sweeter side but at least it doesn’t have this queer taste. It didn’t do too badly when compared with other brands of coconut water.
I actually wish that they serve coconut water in my gym instead of providing a free flow of isotonic drink and ice lemon tea. Coconut juice is the way to go!
Do you prefer to drink it as a stand-alone beverage or mixed with other ingredients?
A million thanks to Vita Coco for sending a box of coconut water over.

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