“The secrets of a woman lies in her womb.”
If not for this TCM Womb care workshop which I’ve attended a week ago, I wouldn’t have known the importance of our womb. Did you realise that it’s one part of the body which is unique to women? The womb is what makes a woman and sometimes underlying health problems are related to  the womb.

What makes a woman, a woman?

The heart of our womb. 

I was at Supreme Q.X Beauty spa, founded by Dato Icemichelle Chen, to attend their womb care workshop as well as to try their TCM Womb care therapy session which is actually a womb care meridian point therapy. Initially, I thought that such therapies are for ladies who were once pregnant before or needed help to heal their health issues related to the womb. Little did I know that the womb care could actually benefit women even in their early twenties too. 
Menstruation problem is one of such issues which are womb-related. Having a gentle massage done at the womb area using TCM meridian point massage techniques can improve the condition of the womb as well as our overall health. 
The womb care therapy has the following health benefits:
– Alleviating menstrual cramps
– Aids in digestion
– Improve ovary health
– Boost the functions of female reproductive system
– Improve hormone imbalance
– Alleviate symptoms of irregularities of the menstrual cycle, menstral flow and female frustrations.
– Improve acne, pigmentation, and appearances of scars
– Detox
– Flatter tummy 

After the workshop, we tried out the massage which lasted for about 45 minutes long. It is a woman’s health focused massage that uses botanical Meditrina Ageless Herbal Cream. The cream is made of 100% Phyto ingredients. Some of the key ingredients include Chasteberry, Fenugreek, Dioscorea, Grape Seed Extract and Geranium oil. 
The massage begins with the back where the therapists did a moxibustion which involves warming up the meridian points and stimulate blood circulation. You will feel a hot sensation the meridians points on your back. 
Next, she did a massage at my womb area and thighs. Some pressure points when pressed had this aching sensation but it was bearable. 
Do you know that, over time, our wombs can sag too as we age and after childbirth? Thus, it is important to keep the muscles supporting the womb strong so that our womb would not weaken and collapse so easily.  It’s quite similar to our breasts which will also sag with age. I guess everything just droop downwards with gravity as we age. 
Towards the end of the massage, the therapist did some firm upward strokes on my abdomen region to ‘lift’ up the womb. Thank goodness she said that my womb was in placed as there were women with wombs which are already shifted slightly.

Overall, the massage was very comfortable and I enjoyed it just as much as a body massage that brings about an increase blood and energy flow to your body. I always feel good after a massage and after the massage, I noticed that my tummy was flatter. I guess it was the circular massage strokes she did at my tummy area to reduce water retention and bloatedness.

I also like the treatment rooms at Supreme Q.X beauty spa where they were all lavishly decorated with royal hues of gold and blue.

After a good massage, I get to enjoy a warm bowl of Chinese dessert and a hot cup of tea.


This therapy must be done across a period of time to witness better results and I am already seeing
a lot of health potential in this form of massage. In fact, I felt that all woman should be doing this womb massage once every now and then. However, such treatments need to be done by trained therapists using safe products and methods to achieve results.

Have you done a womb care massage before? Let me know in the comment box below!


If you would like to try out this therapy, you can now do so at a special price of $79 (one session) only when you quote my blog name ‘Deenise Glitz‘.

SUPREME Q.X Beauty Spa

Blk 513 Bishan St 13 
#01-510 Singapore 570513
(opposite CPF Board Building)
Tel:+65 6358 3029
Fax: +65 6356 7137

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