U Escape : 5 Reasons Why Everyone Should try ESCAPE

“You are now locked up in a hotel room and you can’t get out. You will need to find your way out within 60 minutes.”

And yes, that’s how I spent my Sunday morning getting myself locked up in a hotel room that looks quite spooky.
Have you ever tried U ESCAPE?  Although this concept of live escape game has been around for some time, I haven’t personally tried it myself. So when I had the chance to, I just jump right at it. So basically, you and your teammates are trapped in a room for 60 minutes and you will need to find clues, crack riddles and solve puzzles in order to ESCAPE! It involves observation, communication, and problem-solving skills which are highly education and at the same time, fun for all to play.

I guess I have called the right people along to join me at U ESCAPE by Timezone. because my all-time primary school bestie is an ‘ESCAPE’ fanatic. She claims that she has played more than 10 of such escape rooms before.

Well, I never knew I had such amazing and enthusiastic friends. And thank goodness, we went in with an ‘ESCAPE’ pro and we truly enjoyed our 60 minutes getting trapped in a room with so many mind-boggling activities. I totally see why everyone should give U ESCAPE a shot and experience what it is like to be locked up in a room. Such dire situations actually force us to think creatively. So, here are 5 reasons why you should ‘ESCAPE’.

This June holidays, grab your kids and lock them up in the room, then go for a shopping spree!
(Just kidding)


1. Learn what TEAM is

To solve problems and crack riddles, it requires teamwork in order to get things done in a short amount of time. It’s never too easy to crack all the codes and mind you, there are so many locks in the room to be unlocked to seek for clues. Thankfully, you are are working as a team so collaborative thinking is involved.

While you are ‘escaping’, you will also get to learn the importance of teamwork and at the same time, spending quality time with your teammates to bond over such games. It’s a fantastic team bonding activity for companies and students to enjoy working in teams.

Kids, as young as the ages of 5, can play in the 4 ESCAPE-theme rooms at U ESCAPE. Safety considerations have been put in place so that everyone can play safely. Phew! Thank goodness that there isn’t a buffy Silverback gorilla in the room!


2. Taking A Break From Reality 

Once you are in the room, you would have to be PRESENT because you are literally locked up in the room and everything around you is real and TANGIBLE. You will be absorbed into this game of unravelling clues and you will enjoy every bit of success when you manage to crack a code.

Thus, it really takes your mind off work and other stuff that bothers you. Taking a rest or break is to really free your mind from everything. If you find it hard to free yourself from reality, then locking yourself up in an ESCAPE room is the best solution for yourself.

Also, you wouldn’t want to be using your phone while trying to escape. Take that as a break from the digital world. One hour of digital detox doesn’t kill. Relax.


3. Exercise Brain Muscles to Gain Wisdom

You will be playing a role of a detective as you go around searching for clues and solving puzzles. Each puzzle gets progressively more challenging as you move from one stage to another. Whenever I manage to crack a puzzle, I felt my IQ level has gone up. Knowledge is power.
However, if you really face a problem, you can ask for clues just by voicing out your problems while you are in the room as there’s a receiver in the room to pick up your voices and the staff at U ESCAPE will be able to give you prompts through the TV monitor.
I am very tempted to tell you what are the challenges we encounter in the room but I shall not do so. My job here is to keep you in suspense.
However, just to let you know, there are only 4 themed rooms at U ESCAPE. The most challenging room is the Sze Chuan room which I hope to try it the next time round I visit U ESCAPE.

4. A better way of killing time than to watch TV

If you don’t want your kids to watch TV, bring them to Escape. I have to agree that this is a much educational and meaningful way of killing time. 
It is also an ideal dating activity especially if your partner and yourself enjoy such activities that engage the brain. 
Do you have an active brain too?

5. It’s a life-saving skill

Hey, you will never know if someday you might get trapped in a room and you needed to find a way out right? At least you have an experience trying to escape within an hour! It’s a skill itself. Don’t underestimate that. 


U Escape

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6337 0049 

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