Weirdo Kate: Romantic Floral Paper Straws (Eco-friendly)

I go dizzy over florals. Do you?
It’s so feminine and I like to wear everything floral too. So when I discovered that there are floral paper straws, I was going goo-goo ga-ga like a baby.
My friend from WeirdoKate sent me these beautiful paper straws which are made from biodegradable paper. I seriously think that we should do away with plastic straws and start using these eco-friendly paper straws which can be recycled later on. Why are cafes and restaurants still using plastic straws when these paper straws are so much more attractive than those plain plastic ones?
The paper straws are pretty thick and it doesn’t allow water to seep through too quickly. Although these straws are disposable, I actually reuse them again if it doesn’t get stained so badly.
These straws aren’t just drinking straws because you can get creative with them and use it as a stick for cake pops, cotton candy and even popsicles. I will be using it to as a popsicle stick so stay tuned!
More details on the paper straws

Height: 19.5 cm (Approximate) 
Diameter: 0.6 cm (Approximate) 
Material: Paper, Food Grade Ink

These paper straws are sold at $5 for a pack of 20.
Weirdo.Kate also sells Marquee lights and party décor too!
Check out Weirdo.Kate through these links below!

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