Why Your White Toilet Paper Is Toxic

Have you wondered what goes into making a piece of tissue? They aren’t just made up of paper pulp. Some tissues have chemicals added like Optical Brightening Agents that makes the tissue paper appear artificially white! Some contain chlorine and other bleaching agents which enter our skin and cause irritations to some people who are allergic to some of these chemicals. 
Even though we don’t technically consume toilet paper, our skin come into contact with tissues more than once a day!
This is definitely news to me and I’m glad to try out tissues by PurSoft brand which produces soft tissues that free of such undesirable chemicals. 
Their facial and bathroom tissues are designed with a thicker ply and thus reducing the need to use more sheets of tissue. The tissues are made up of a unique blend of 100% virgin pulp fibres which made it soft to touch and thick enough to resist against paper-tear. 
PurSoft also produces scented tissues like their Green Tea scented 4-play bathroom tissues that are infused with premium green tea fragrance. The scent also diffuses throughout the bathroom and it acts like an air freshener to introduce a pleasant smell to my bathroom. However, the scent gets lighter each day as it diffuses throughout the bathroom. 
The materials that go into making PurSoft’s products are responsibly sourced and certified by Forest Stewardship Council. To attain the Forest Management certification (which is a trusted certification by NGOs), not only the materials need to be sourced from responsible forest sources but also has to pass the Chain of Custody certification standards which traces the wood from forests through all the stages of processing and distribution to the end-user. 
It did put me at ease to know that my family and I are using tissues without any harmful chemicals in it and many thanks to PurSoft for their commitment towards protecting the environment and producing safe tissue products for all. 
Besides paying attention to the food we eat, the products we use also matters a lot. Let’s be a little more conscious of what we eat and use every day.
Pursoft’s tissues include bathroom tissues, facial box tissues, and facial tissue travel pack. Prices range from $2.00 to $7.45 per pack. They are available at all leading supermarkets in Singapore from April 2016 onwards.
For a limited period of time from April to May 2016, customers who purchase $10 worth of PurSoft products can receive $2 off instantly at NTUC FairPrice Online or NTUC FairPrice outlets with the PurSoft voucher. 
You could also get a FREE PurSoft 3 ply (50 sheets) Travel pack sample here.

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  1. White toilet paper is need for bathroom and kitchen because it is daily essential toiletries but all types of toilet paper should not be perfect for our health. So we should consider its harmful side before buying it. Thanks for sharing this informative tips.

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