5 Things You Can Do with Your Date at Singapore Sports Hub

It’s the weekends again and it also the time to spend with the favourite people in my life – the family, the boyfriend, the friends and most importantly, God. Sundays are usually reserved for God and family and Saturdays is what Sam and I would call ‘Satur-dates’ where we spend time with each other, going for dates after telecommunicating through space for 5 days.

I am more of an event junkie so I would usually ask him to come along with me to festivals and carnivals happening in town but it can get somewhat mundane after a while. Moreover, both of us have somewhat very different interests. He would be enticed to go for gaming events while I would prefer to go for lifestyle events catered to health and eco-conscious individuals. We are both from totally two different worlds, right? But thankfully, there are some activities which we both enjoy – working out! Though Sam is more of an indoor person, he is open to outdoor activities as long as it’s not too strenuous. While for myself, I can go all out to try out different activities regardless of how difficult or strenuous it is. That’s just me – the curious discoverer.

Instead of just exploring the city, trying out new cafes and catching the latest movies like many other couples would, I decided to bring Sam along to explore this other side of our little Red Dot, Singapore Sports Hub which has a plenty of fun activities to do! I thought it was more of a place equipped for athletes to train more effectively and conveniently but actually, there are several other activities catered for us typical adults with a 9-to-5 job like you and I as well as for children too.

So here’s 5 things you can do with your date at the Sports Hub! They are quite eco-friendly too, in a way and cost saving.


1. Attend a Group Fitness Class Together

Group fitness classes are offered every day at the Singapore Sports Hub gym which housed in OCBC Arena, Level 2. Just like any other commercial gyms out there, they’ve got the latest gym equipment including resistance machines, assisted machines, cardio machines and free weights. It’s a spacious gym area with ample training spaces! I was actually very impressed with the gym equipment and the gym studio that they have. 
There are lockers and two changing rooms in the gym. However, they are no showering facilities within the gym itself. Instead, they are housed at level 1 of OCBC Area.
They’ve got fitness classes like Zumba, Kickboxing, Pilates, Yoga and even Muay Thai offered to the members of the public. 
Since Sam enjoys Body combat-type of classes, we opted for Muay Thai. We went there on a Saturday morning and it is quite difficult to wake up so early in the morning but we made it. I know that there are those times where you procrastinated hitting the gym but once you do, you will feel great and your body will thank you!


The Muay Thai Class was conducted by this really muscular instructor who looks like he is an expert in teaching Muay Thai. We both enjoyed how the class was conducted and it is suitable for beginners and intermediate. We did some warm-ups before dive into circuit training and practised some Muay Thay kicks! It’s a good bonding activity as we both cheered each other on and your man will definitely work out harder to display his manliness. Those are the precious moments where you can see that he is working hard for you 🙂

Most of the participants were females and a couple of them were really good. So, girls, don’t be afraid to try such classes too!


Do check out their website here for more information on its gym rates where you can pay per entry or sign up for the monthly membership at affordable rates. Local residents here always enjoy a special discounted rate. Man, I wish I was living somewhere near the Sports Hub!


2. Take a tour around Singapore Sports Museum

Boring? No, this place is pretty big and visit this museum is like walking down memory lane together as we trace back the sports history in Singapore. We, Singaporeans, are all involve in our country’s sports history in one way or another. Remember Kallang Wave and the National Day Parades you’ve attended as Primary 5 kid?


The museum is free for all local residents. And it combines with Singapore Youth Olympic Museum too.


There’s also a kids corner with some hands-on activities which they can carry out on their own during this June Holidays only.


Plus, there are several nice spots for photos with your date too.


Ready, get set, go!


Remember those days?


3. Tour the Sports Hub with EcoRider

This would be an interesting activity to ride on the 2-wheel personal transport together to explore Singapore’s sports and lifestyle iconic landmark. However, it was raining that day so we didn’t manage to try it. But this would be a fun couple or family activity to include if you are spending a day at Sports Hub!

You can visit their website here for more information.

4. Kakaying by Kallang River

Needless to say, it was raining so we couldn’t kayak together in the river. Though it would have been really fun and quite romantic to kayak in the river together and enjoy the scenic view of our city skyline.

However, if you do want to Kayak, you can rent a kayak, canoe, pedal boats or pedal bikes at the Water Sports Centre at affordable rates.

We could have gone for some indoor water activities but we didn’t bring our swimsuits along. So if you fancy some water sports, you can check out OCBC Aquatic centre where there’s a 50m X 10 lane  competition pool to swim in!

But we will definitely come back again on a separate day to try out all the activities we missed!


So our wet weather plans are to stay indoor and thankfully, there are indoor activities like Rock climbing at Climb Central and shopping. But Sam’s not too keen on climbing walls. Maybe next time, I will drag him along to try it!

We had out lunch at U Foodfare which supposedly sells healthier meals supported by Health Promotion Board. I would say that the food served that can be made even healthier. Opening up a salad bar in U Foodfare would be an awesome idea.


I had my usual ‘Cai Peng’ or mixed vegetable rice. It costs me about $5 which is more expensive than the usual food court and hawker food prices. But the food was okay.


5. Going for ONSEN together!

Yes! How could we miss out on that? It’s Singapore first largest onsen, Yunomori Onsen and Spa, to be built and it just opened a couple of weeks back. There’s already a stream of people coming in to check out the place.


Check out our Yukatas! They were all so pretty and so many of them were taking selfies of themselves in yukatas.


That’s Sam, feeling like a Samurai.


The onsen was not too bad though the place is quite small especially the female changing rooms which can get somewhat squeezy.


We also went for a 90-minute aroma massage that puts Sam into a deep sleep. This guy was quite cranky when our activities were cancelled due to the weather but he was all good after the soothing massage.


After spending the whole day at Singapore Sports Hub, we went over to our friend’s new home for dinner.

And that’s how we spent our day together. A fruitful one!

Well. did you realise that suddenly Singapore is no longer a boring place to live in? You just need to seek for exciting things to do. Maybe our red dot is not that tiny after all. Whether you are hanging out with your loved ones or friends, I encourage you to step out of those air-conditioned malls to do some outdoor activities under the sun.

It’s time to get active!

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