Beauty Cleanse : 3-Day Seasonal Juice Cleanse

I know that there were articles going around that talks about how a juice cleanse might be unhealthy, dangerous, and has no detox benefits. There were also claims that there is no scientific evidence to provide that juice cleanse boosts health. 
But bear in mind that such articles are only expounding on the disadvantages and the possible side effects it might have on individuals. And to be really honest, you don’t really need much scientific evidence to prove that drinking natural cold pressed juices will boost health like how others are already benefiting from juices right? No wonder researchers themselves can’t even bother to look into this. 
Having that said, juice cleanses can result in futile efforts if you are doing juice cleanses entirely on your own and had no nutritional background knowledge and the type of fruits and vegetables you will  need to include to your juices to meet the daily nutritional requirements of your body. That is the reason why juice cleanse companies have to work closely with nutritionists or dieticians to work out the juice cleanse plan in order for the cleanse to be safe and effective for others. 
Which is why I felt that if you want to do a proper juice cleanse, it is best to purchase juice cleanse packages from a reputable juice cleanse companies that worked with nutritionists or other qualified health experts in this area. 
To date, I’ve only tried a couple of juice cleanses offered here in Singapore. Today, they were probably more than ten juice companies here in Singapore. 
The first juice cleanse I tried was with Beauty Cleanse and it was probably the first juice cleanse company in Singapore that offers a holistic juice cleanse plan that comes with natural supplements. 
I did the 5-day juice cleanse and the benefits were amazing. It has also got me to start juicing and making my own cold pressed juices right at home. With a cold pressed juicer at home, I thought I could do some juicing on my time but it’s quite tedious having to constantly shop for fresh produce in the supermarket. So I do see why purchasing juice cleansing packages from juice companies would be a better option.
I’ve always wanted to start a juice cleanse again and this round, the timing couldn’t get any more perfect than that. I was on work leave and it allows me to rest at home so I decided to do a juice cleanse with Beauty Cleanse again. 
They worked with Cherie Calbom, a nutritionist, and a holistic health educator, to design and formulate the juice cleanse programs. What is unique about Beauty cleanse is that they have this option of including natural supplements to the juice cleanse program. It’s totally optional. 
I did the 3-day juice cleanse plan with supplements provided. The juice cleanses plan features some seasonal juices like grapefruit, watermelon, and honeydew which I’ve never tried before.
The juices would usually arrive on the night before so that you have time to store your juices and to prepare for the cleanse. You will first need to create some space in your fridge. For me, I had to clear out some stuff in my fridge to make space for 18 bottles of juices! Six bottles a day to keep the doctor away.
This juice cleanses pack also comes with a little booklet with specific instructions, advice, and tips to help you through the juice cleanse programme. 
There’s even a cheat sheet if you are feeling the hunger pangs!
Based on my experience, try to keep to natural foods and avoid solid foods if you can. You would not be able to reap the maximum benefits of the juice cleanse if you start eating other types of food.
These are the natural supplements provided:
Milk Thistle
Flaxseed oil
Acai Berry
Green Superfood
These are mainly superfoods to add to your diet. 
They also included the colosan powder for me for a stronger detoxing effect. Now this colosan powder is potent in the sense that it really cleanses and washes out your colon. You will expect frequent visits to the toilet to excrete whatever is stuck in your colon. 
On my first juice cleanse day, I took about 1 tablespoon of the colosan powder and I ended up have to visit the toilet more than 10 times that day. I had diarrhoea all the way and it’s funny when I starting pooping out juices. It might have been too strong for my body as I’ve been eating mostly vegetables and unprocessed whole foods. Thus, I decided to skip eating the colosan powder for the next two days.
The juices were very delicious and appetising. There were only 2 green juices, 3 fruity juices and 1 nutmilk. I would recommend these set of juices to those who are new to juicing and those who might not like the taste of green juices. The fruit-based juices are sweet and palatable.
You will find the expiry date and the ingredients used for each juice indicated on the label right at the back of the bottle.
All the juice bottles were sealed to keep the freshness of the juices but you will notice that the juice starts to lose its freshness after 2 days. On the third day of my cleanse, my juices did not taste as fresh as before.

For a successful juice cleanse, I suggest that you stay home as much as possible to rest. Light exercise like some easy yoga poses or stretches is fine but you shouldn’t be exercising for too long otherwise you might start to get dizzy.

Should you need to head out for that day, remember to pack some juices along with you. I would pack them in my cooler bags and take sips as every now and then.

That this period of time to really rest and let your body rejuvenate. Try not to over-occupied yourself these 3 days with work and stress. Take it as a break or vacation.


Overall, I really enjoy my cleanse as the juices were delicious but I would prefer to have more greens included into the juices as I felt that most of the juices were somewhat quite sweet.

Remember, you shouldn’t just do a juice cleanse just before you want to lose weight but rather you should be doing it because you felt a need for your body to find back its balance, to increase its immunity and to boosts your health. Or perhaps you felt that you’ve been off the hook lately, eating a lot of food that didn’t make you feel as great, then this juice cleanse will be a great start for you to start eating clean again.

At some point, everyone needs to go through a period of rest and rejuvenation. Whether it’s drinking detox teas, juices, soup cleanse, water fast, fasting or meditation, all these are just tools to signal to your body that you wanted a positive change.

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