Canon Selphy CP1200 Compact Photo Printer (Review)


Have you heard of the Selphy? This compact photo printer turns intangible virtual images into tangible high-quality photo prints. If you prefer to print out your photographs instead of storing your photos on your laptop, this would be a great companion. It’s rather affordable too.

Personally, I have not really used a compact printer on my own before so I was a little apprehensive at first as I thought I might not be able to operate this gadget on my own and needed my brother’s help. But it turns out to be so easy to use with their simple interface! I guess it’s also because the functions aren’t too complicated and the instructions stated in the user manual was very clear.

Anyway, who doesn’t like pink?


Product features

1) Built-in battery pack

It allows for 54 prints per single battery charge. For me, I would rather just connect the printer directly to the powerpoint.

2) Wifi-enabled

It’s really easy to connect to the wifi settings with the help of the simplified instructions stated in their manual. I just took a little more time to figure out how to sync my phone to the printer through Wifi to send the photos. But once it is connected, everything else is a breeze.

3) Colourless Date Printing

It allows for the date to be printed on the photos but it is only visible in reflected light. This allows you to date your photos.


Sending Photos to Printer

1) Photos can be accessed from USB drives, SD cards, or cameras and computers via a USB cable.
2) You will be able to print directly from smart devices, Wi-Fi enabled cameras and PCs via Wi-Fi connectivity.
3)  For iOS devices, Apple AirPrint can be used to connect to the SELPHY CP1200.

It is going to take some time for the photograph to be printed out. It takes about 45 seconds or so for the print to get ready.

The SELPHY CP1200 allows print-out in various fun layouts and sizes, such as 2-up printing on postcard or L-size paper. 

There are several print-out sizes to choose from and you can also print ID or passport-sized photos.

The Selphy has this dye-sublimation technology that creates smooth gradations without any grainy feel on photos so the photo finish is not too bad even if the resolution is low.
The photos are even protected with a special film coating that protects from colour fading. This  makes the photograph resistant to water droplets and fingerprints. 

You can buy printer cartridges and photo paper for the printer. It’s also super easy to slot the printer cartridges into the printer too.

My experience with the Canon Selphy CP1200 is almost fuss-free. I find it much easier to print photos from the SD card. And of course, the quality and resolution of the photo depending on the camera. Photos shot with the phone turns out to be a little blurry when printed. 
The Canon Selphy CP1200 comes in black, white and pink. 

For more information on Canon Selphy CP1200, visit this link here.

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