Canon Singapore: Toy Travel with Rilakkuma at Keong Siak Road + [CANON EOS M10 GIVEAWAY]

Travelling alone? You don’t necessarily have to feel like you’re all alone when you can grab and your favourite toy with you as you explore the world on food. I used to do toy travel with my toy monkey, taking it along with me as I travel out of the country. It gives life to photos and they just make my photos look so darn cute.
My toy monkey was given away to someone special so since then, I haven’t been doing ToyTravel (or Nui-Dori) for a really long tme. But right now, I’ve got a new toy to play with – Rilakkuma a.k.a Rila.
And a perfect travel camera to go along with it is the Canon EOS M10 which is totally legit. It’s so user-friendly, compact and takes high quality photos which is as good as other Canon’s EOS series of cameras.
Canon has recently launched the special edition of EOS M10 box set bundled with a limited edition 24 cm Rilakkuma plush toy to bring ToyTravel photography to the next level. You know what? Forget about #selfies or #wefies because #ToyTravel is back. Too shy for the camera? Allow Rilakkuma to inject life to your photos.
Last week, Canon Singapore took us on a tour to explore Singapore with Rila and we were also able to test out the Canon EOS M10 and enjoy beautiful desserts served at The Banana Tree Cafe along Keong Saik Road.
We had about one and a half hour to walk around this area by foot and explore Keong Saik Road and other parts of the Chinatown Historic District. 
This district can be divided into four sub-districts, namely Telok Ayer, Kreta Ayer, Bukit Pasoh and Tanjong Pagar. What really make this area so unique is the architectural styles of shophouses found in Chinatown. Some of the shophouses there are highly decorated and have a combination of both Chinese and Western architectural styles.
There’s always so much to discover about our little red dot even though I’ve been living here since I was born.
And once we set foot, all of us were like…
Meanwhile, Rila goes around exploring for more buildings with stunning designs…
Some of the shophouses have got these beautiful peranakan ornate wall tiles.
There’s some modern art along this stretch of road too!
Looks like it’s a place for artists to express their creativity and do sketches of these unique buildings.
Rila decided to have some fun…
Under the frangipani tree…
It’s been a really hot and humid day. After the walk, we headed back to the cafe to enjoy more treats.
Does this look edible to you?
It’s actually chocolate pudding!
How about some blue lemonade to beat the heat?
The EOS M10 is the newest addition to Canon’s EOS M range of high performance mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. And why I haven’t heard of this camera? It might not allow you to do much manual settings on your own but this smart camera produces high quality pictures which is comparable to DSLR. Yup, this camera is even more idiot-proof than DSLR for lazy photographers like myself who have no time to figure out what’s aperture and IOS.
To be really honest, lugging a DSLR around can be somewhat inconvenient because it is very bulky. Also, when you slung a DSLR on your neck, it adds weight and strains on your neck. It isn’t a very wise thing to be carrying a big camera around especially when you are doing outdoor activities. Thus, this compact and lightweight camera is ideal for us to carry around during travels or adventures. 
The special edition EOS M10 Rilakkuma box sets are now available at Canon authorised dealers at the following recommended prices:
Model Colour SRP (includes GST)
EOS M10 kit (EF M15-45 IS STM) Black or White:  $649
EOS M10 kit II (EF M15-45 IS STM & EF M22 STM) White:  $799
EOS M10 kit III (EF M15-45 IS STM & EF M55-200 IS STM) White : $999

My Instagram Canon #ToyTravel Giveaway

Head over to my Instagram account for more details.

Canon #ToyTravel Photo Challenge

Together with the launch of the new EOS M10 Rilakkuma box set, Canon is introducing a photo challenge. Participants have to incorporate the contest themes into their photography
and the winner of each theme stands to win an EOS M10 kit (EF-M15-45mm) along with a 24cm Rilakkuma plush toy.
To join, simply:
1. Follow @CanonAsia on Instagram or Canon Imaging Asia on Facebook, and
2. Share your ToyTravel photo stories using your favourite toy and hashtag #EOSM10Rilakkuma and #ToyTravel in all themes.
The first theme will be announced on 6 June 2016 and the first winner will be revealed at the end of June. Please find further details at

More information is available at

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