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Baked Hoisin Cod Fish (S$35.90)
I’ve heard about Earle Swensen’s Salad Buffet bar and how there’s always this free flow of salads to choose from. It’s certainly a salad-lover paradise to be able to pick which vegetables and dressings you like. And this is what essentially differentiates Earle Swensen’s from Swensen’s. At Earle Swensen’s, you get to choose the finest things in life especially when it comes to it main courses. So at Earle Swensen’s, you get to eat healthily and at the same time, enjoy meals that are carefully prepared. We are talking about Western-Asian inspired fusion dishes like Ribeye Steak, smoked duck, lamb stew, lobster, and codfish. 
Swensen’s has really grown up over the years. It’s not just about ice creams and desserts but a menu catered to delight our palates. 
This June, they’ve got a menu to provide patrons with a complete dining experience. You can get a good selection of appetizers, mains and desserts too. 
For Appetizers:
Their Signature Salad Buffet bar offers an extensive range of fresh mixed salads, crisp mixed greens, and juicy fruits. That evening, they had rojak and other Asian salads that would really whet the appetite up. The all-you-can-eat salad bar is complimentary to diners who ordered any main course orders at the restaurant. If you decided to just have salads at the Salad bar alone, you will just need to pay the a la carte price of S$16.20.
They also offered a selection of new appetizers such as Creamy Fish Chowder Breadbowl, Smoked Salmon Avocado Tart, Breaded Scallops with Wasabi Tar-Tar Sauce and Sesame Sriracha Fried Drumlets. It sounded all too good but we had no stomach space for it as we were kind of full already from the rojak and fruits we had at the salad bar. 
For main courses:

We tried some of their new main courses in their revamped menu. Sam had Charbroiled Ribeye Steak (250 gram)($37.90) while I had Baked Hoisin Cod Fish (S$35.90). 
Let’s start with something fishy on my plate first. The house special cod fish is marinated with homemade piquant hoisin bean sauce. This epicurean masterpiece is paired with fresh arugula, sautéed mushrooms and mini potatoes. The codfish is so soft and flaky that it just slides down your throat. Though I find it somewhat a little overcooked, it is still tasty. The skin is especially tasty. Ladies, don’t reject the fish skin because it has all the healthy fish fats in it required for a smoother and more youthful skin. 
Charbroiled Ribeye Steak (250 gram)($37.90)
Next up, we tried the Charbroiled Ribeye Steak.  It’s an Australian grain-fed premium beef that it has a ‘cleaner’ beef taste and it is more tender and juicy. There’s really a difference between grain-fed and non-grain-fed beef in terms of the taste. Accompanying the generously-sized fine textured prime cut is the potatoes and seasonal greens.  
The steak slice is quite thick and big! One slice of it is enough to fill you up. The black pepper sauce that comes along with it is really nice too. It’s a good idea to separate the sauce from the meat so that you get a better control of how much sauce you want it to go with your beef. It also allows you to taste the natural charred flavor of the cooked beef without the sauce first. 
And if you are still hungry after the mains, you can head over to the salad bar for more vegetables and fruits. 
There is also a wide selection of other new mains in the menu which includes Kalbi Beef Ribs, Buckaroo BBQ Chicken Burger, Raspberry Sriracha Smoked Duck, Lamb Stew and Earle’s Surf and Turf. 
Last but the least, we ended our dinner on a sweet note with You Met Your Match-a (S$13.10). It’s indeed a true match in heaven if you like matcha. Thumbs up for the combination of matcha gelato and red beans with a biscuit sandwiched in between for a crunchy texture. We initially thought that it was matcha ice cream and wondered why it didn’t have that strong matcha-flavour. That probably explains why it has a more creamy texture. It would have been wonderful if the matcha flavour was richer because the two of us are matcha-lovers. 
The other new sweet treats to look out for is Millefeuille with Seasonal fruits and Gelato as well as For the Love of Lychee (S$13.10). 
It’s all about love when it comes to desserts, isn’t it?
Earle Swensen’s new menu will be available at all Earle Swensen’s restaurants island-wide from 1 June 2016 onwards. 
Earle Swensen’s
1 HarbourFront Walk
Opening hours:
10.30am to 10.30pm
Tel: 6272 3306
For more information, visit Earle Swensen’s website.

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