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Gold isn’t just an entity that represents the status of wealth. If you store it in your pocket, it makes you appear well off. But if you apply it generously on your skin, it makes you look like you’re worth a million bucks. 
It is a trend these days to infused gold into beauty products as it is well-known for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. In fact, this precious metal has been used in beauty treatments since Cleopatra times. And today, it is found in a variety of products from cleansers to face mask and even body slimming gels which I’m currently using right now.
I have tested a few body slimming products before and I must say that I really like this product that helps in firming and toning. Such body products are proven to be more effective if you pair it with regular exercise and a regular healthy diet. As such, I would usually apply it before exercise or right before entering the sauna.
The benefits of the product includes:
– increases blood circulation
– expels toxic wastes and fluids 
– eliminate body fat
– improves metabolism
– reduces the appearance of cellulite
– tones and firms up the skin
After testing this product for about 2 weeks, the benefit which is more apparent to me is the product’s ability to reduce water fluid retention especially in my thigh area and calves. It might take a couple more weeks to witness the other benefits as with most products would. However, if you couple this products with exercise and a clean diet, the results would be better as such I decided to try it out with Expressions’ health supplements which I will also be featuring right below.
Ingredients list Pure Gold particles, peppermin, caffeine, aloe vera extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (with Hazel extract) and other natural active slimming ingredients.
As for the ingredients used in this product, it does all seem natural at a glance. It contains ingredients such as caffeine which is well-known for its fat burning properties. It also helps to boost metabolism too. The aloe vera extract gives this product a light gel texture that absorbs readily into the skin. Unlike the slimming creams and oils which I’ve used before, I prefer this gel formula which is light-weight and non-sticky. It might feel somewhat tacky right after application but once it is left on the skin for a couple of minutes, it didn’t feel as sticky. 
Interestingly, this is the first time I come across peppermin which is a plant hybrid between peppermint and spearmint. I guess this is why the product gives this cooling and tingling sensation on your skin just like how you would feel when peppermint is applied onto your skin. This ingredient will boost circulation and also relax your muscles and relief muscle pain. I guess this is why it’s also a great product to use it in the evening, especially towards the end of the day, to just loosen up your body tension and increase blood circulation. 
Hamamelis Virginiana is actually the scientific name for American witch hazel which is a popular ingredient used in facial toners as it helps to firm and tones the skin. As such, this product not only aids in slimming but it also helps in keeping your skin looking firm and healthy. So even if you are not trying to lose weight, you could still use this body product to maintain a healthy and toned skin.
This product can be applied to problem areas such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs. It can be used up to 3 times daily with or without exercise for improved circulation. I would use this in the evening before going to bed and also sometimes before exercise. 
It will take about ten minutes before the burning sensation starts to kick in. The minty sensation will build up slowly with time but it doesn’t go beyond my threshold of pain. Some other slimming products I’ve used before do produce that fiery burning sensation which can be somewhat unbearable at times. However, the cryo thermo slimming gold gel didn’t give me that uncomfortable feeling unless you apply a huge amount of product on the same area.
For me, I focus on my thigh and calf areas as they tend to swell overnight. I was also the concern with the accumulated cellulite on my thigh and calf areas which tend to worsen over time even with exercise.  
I would use about two pumps of the product and massage it in circulation motions on my skin. To reduce the appearance of cellulite, I would also do some kneading movements on my thigh areas to aid in  the breakdown of the cellulite. The product has generally help me to reduce water retention in my calves. It might not be very obvious in photos but the skin on my legs felt firmer. 
The bottle has a unique and consumer-friendly design . With a single push, the product gets dispensed out very easily.
Look at those luminous gold flakes! It readily penetrates into the skin when I massaged it on my legs.

If you are hardworking enough, you might want to do heat wrap around the affected area together with the product to trap more heat that helps increase in blood circulation and the detoxification process. But I would prefer to use it before entering the sauna or steam room. It also works great if you use it just before exercising or in conjuction with your slimming treatments at wellness centres.
Along with Expressions Cryo Thermo Slimming Cold gel, I was also eating their Wheat Bran and Psyllium supplements as well as their Slimjuice. If you didn’t know, these two products actually contain all natural ingredients. I would take these two supplements in the morning on an empty stomach. 
The wheat bran and psyllium are high in dietary fibre so it keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. You can take them before meals and it also aids in digestion as well. 
I personally like to take about 4 capsules in the morning or sometimes before a light lunch. 
The Slimjuice is another one of my favourite products by Expressions other than their BioOrigine tea.   I actually felt that Slimjuice itself would be a great supplement to our diets as it contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, pretty much similar to multivitamins. But it does also contain other ingredients that help in detoxification of the body. 
It tastes very refreshing so I like to make it as my morning drink to replace my breakfast. Sometimes I would drink another sachet of it during evenings. You can drink up to two sachets per day.  
All these products are not just great for weight loss but I personally feel that such wellness products and supplements also boost health. I wish that the perception that slimming products are for body-conscious women could get rid off because such products, especially the ones that contain all natural ingredients, could also be considered as health and wellness boosters. Don’t you think so?
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