Expressions: Spider Gold Facial Treatment

This is how you get creative in the beauty industry – boast about a special ingredient that has been recently discovered to pique our interest. This facial which uses natural ingredients from the spider web protein has got me really curious to find out how the treatment is like. Will they be placing a spider web over my face to tighten and lift my skin up? Or will spiderman seek secretly into the treatment room cast down some of his spider webs to prevent me from dragged away by time and gravity?
Thank goodness, it’s the process is much gentler than that. This main benefits of this treatment are to lift and tighten skin and at the same time, gives the skin a brightening and healthy glow.
It starts off first with a simple cleanse and extraction to ensure that the skin is ready to absorb all of the products used later.
This is followed by the application of the Golden Spider Web Lifting serum that consists of 8% spider web abstract and 8 different kinds of amino acids. 

The therapists apply it all over my face til the serum is absorbed before placing the Golden Spider Web Transformation Mask which increases the moisture content in the skin and provides a skin firming and lifting effect.

The therapists added some water to ensure that the mask gets fully adhered to my skin and the mask was left there for about 20 minutes. As the mask starts to dry up, my skin also starts to get really taunt and lifted.

So after the mask was gently removed, my skin felt really more tightened up and lifted. This step is followed by the use of the Cryo machine that is a cold treatment to further firm up the skin and enhances the skin’s hydration as my skin is somewhat dehydrated when I came for this treatment.
As for the final step, there would be another facial mask to soothe the skin and lock up all the nourishments from the products used. 

Verdict: The most obvious results from this treatment is the lifting and brightening effect. My skin also looks more even toned. This facial would be suitable for those with matured skin which needed more firming and lifting to prevent the skin from sagging.

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