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Farms in Singapore : Bollywood Veggies

I don’t think I have really ever explored a farm in Singapore and after visiting Zenxin organic farm in Kluang, I decided that maybe I should check out the farms which are located right in my home country. Though we are just a little red dot, we do have farms and I hope they do continue to stay at Kranji area so that there’s at least some space for us to grow very own vegetables. 
Bollywood veggies is one of the farms recommended by my friends so I decided to make a trip down to Kranji countryside to check out the farm. Though it was really out of the way, situated far off from the urban areas, the farms at Kranji are still made accessible via shuttle bus (Kranji Countryside Expres) from Kranji MRT. It costs $3 to take you around Kranji countryside and you can alight at each stops to check out the various farms. You can find out more about the transportation right here
After about a 15-minutes bus ride which brought us deep into Kranji Countryside, we finally reached Bollywood Veggies. Right at their entrance is their popular Bistro called Poison Ivy which is quickly filled up on weekends. Behind the bistro is their organic farm where you will find quite a large variety of fruits and vegetables even though the space is limited. 
The brochures, maps and signages made it really easy for one to navigate themselves around the farm area.
It will take about 20 minutes or so to take a stroll in their farm which looked more like a garden backyard. But beware of mosquitoes which are hungry for your blood! I had a few huge mosquito bites from there so remember to bring along your insect repellent. 
The words on their signboards adds humour that lightens up the whole atmosphere.
Everyone should head back to nature once in a while.
Each plant is labelled so it makes it easier for us to identify them.
See what I mean?
All the plants here are grown organically where natural pesticides are used to prevent insects 
Wouldn’t it be amazing if you can grow your own cocoa tree at your backyard and make fresh hot chocolate everyday?
I was particularly interested in finding out what sort of miracles this fruit tree performs. A quick Google search reveals that this miracle fruit is a type of berry that make sour food tastes sweet when eaten. Now, look! Such exotic plants can thrive in such climate too. And if you didn’t know, there are so many edibles which we can easily grow by ourselves, even where space is a constraint.
Another organic farming method employed here is to wrap fruits with plastic bags to ward of insects from devouring the fruits.
Been to the wild side of Singapore? It’s a nice getaway from our highly-urbanized areas. 
Certain areas of the farm have no signs of human intervention and were left umkempt. So it is pretty much very ‘wild’ that it has become a perfect natural habitat for animals to dwell in snakes. 
Have you seen recycling, Singapore? There’s a recent case study done that revealed that we as a nation hasn’t been recycling much. We all need recycling bins in our household too!
Not sure if it is really a pun or it actually means something else.
I guess one of the highlight in the farm is this ecological dry toilet where what you defecate can turn into something really nutritious for plants to grow in. 
There’s also a lily pond in the middle of the farm but it seems that all the water plants have wilted.
After a short walk in the farm, we dropped by at their bistro for some lunch. By 12pm, all the tables in the bistro were already full. It seems that people were here for their food. The funny thing is that not many would actually explore the farm itself probably there isn’t much activities to do there.
The prices for its sides and beverages were affordable but I find that their main courses and specials were not very cheap at all. The prices are comparable to the average cafe food prices.
Next to the bistro is a herb garden and it is really nice to be dining outside if the weather is good. 
There must be a reason why Singaporeans flock over to their bistro for food right? Does the food live up to my expectations? I would say that the meals are pretty average here. However, there are some interesting food items which is worth the try.
Homemade fig tea is a must-try. It is unsweetened and has a pleasant taste.
My friend Xue Ying tried their lemongrass drink but I would say it’s quite okay.
Out of all the food we ordered, their banana cake was our favourite. It has a rich banana flavour and I like it that it has more banana fibre in it than flour. And Xue Ying is a fan of their banana cake.
We ordered a Chinese vegetarian platter which just enough for two people. The platter looks beautiful with the fresh flowers placed in the middle of it. It has some fried spring rolls, steam vegetables, curry, tofu and fried vegetables. You can order an additional bowl of rice to go along with it too. However, I would say that the food isn’t very exceptional, especially not the curry.  

We didn’t feel very satisfied after the meal so we ordered another banana cake but we tried the chocolate-flavoured one this time. 
I would really suggest doing a farm hop if you are exploring the Kranji countryside as you wouldn’t want to spend your whole day here in one farm. There might be other gems around.
100 Neo Tiew Road
Singapore 719026 (Kranji) 
+65 6898 5001

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