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Olive Skincare : An Olive tree At Your Vanity Desk

If you think that eating oils make you fat, then apply oils on your skin instead. 
There haven several research studies that show that oil doesn’t really prove to be a bad thing after all. There are so many benefits to coconut oil, avocado oil, and other botanical plant-extracted oils. Today, we are in this oil-loving world. 
You don’t have to use the finest and most expensive oil to enjoy its benefits as widely available oils like Olive oil, a multi-purpose oil is what you will need to condition your skin, hair, and toes. It beautifies, nourishes, moisturizes, treats and heals. If everyone has an olive tree planted in their backyard, then we wouldn’t need to rely on expensive magic skin potions and medicines to heal us.
However, since it is almost impossible to plant an olive tree in Singapore, there’s a company called Olive that brings the goodness of the olives to our shores.
Olive‘s natural skincare is developed using a combination of active botanical ingredients along with  New Zealand-produced extra virgin olive oil and olive leaf extract.
It is free from parabens, mineral oils, artificial colourants or fragrances and silicones. 
It is also free of animal testing.
I’ve tested out some of their products and have included my honest opinions right below.

Olive Rich Cleansing Milk (100ml)

Main ingredients: Pure Olive leaf extract, cocoa butter, and chamomile
It cleanses the skin gently while removing makeup effectively. It does not contain much of a scent and can remove any oil and dirt from the skin.
It has a gentler milky formula made using a combination of natural plant extracts, extra virgin olive oil and spring water that leaves the skin feeling fresh. Thus, it is not too rich or creamy and can be washed off easily with water. I also like that short ingredient lists that use effective botanicals to nourish and cleanse the skin gently at the same time.Ingredients like olive squalane are biologically compatible to our skin. In fact, squalane is found naturally in the sebum produced by our skin.
  It’s that pure and natural.
I would apply using a cotton pad and swipe it over the face to remove any makeup or dirt. Then I would cleanse and rinse the product away gently with water.
Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil, olive squalane, chamomile, cocoa butter, demineralized spring water


The face polish (on the left) and cleansing milk (on the right) has a smooth consistency.

Olive Illuminating Face Polish (50ml)

Main ingredients: Pure olive leaf extract, kaolin clay, and manuka honey
It’s a blend of natural exfoliants and pure plant extracts to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin. Kaolin clay, a common ingredient found in clay masks,  refines the skin by gently drawing toxins, lifting dead cells and impurities. Manuka Honey and Bilberry Extract assist natural cell regeneration for a healthy glowing complexion.

The scrub beads present in the product are actually ground olive pits so it is safe for the environment as microplastic scrub beads which are still present in some products can cause water pollution, harming marine life. Also, the ground olive pits are not too abrasive for the skin but gentle.

I personally like this scrub a lot and I like the fact that the packaging is minimal. The product itself is stored in a skinny tube. Although the tube is rather small as compared to other brands of scrub, it can last you for probably 3 months if you use it twice every week. All you need is a small amount of it to exfoliate your skin.

Ingredients: olive leaf extract, manuka honey, lemon extract, sugar cane extract, kaolin clay
Using circular motions to scrub the skin then leave for 1 to 2 minutes before rinsing water.

Olive Reviving Eye Gel (20ml)

Main ingredients: Pure olive leaf extract, green tea leaf, and cucumber extracts
This is concentrated eye gel which helps hydrate, tone and lifts the delicate skin around your eyes. From the pictures below, you can see that the gel almost has this lotion consistency but when you spread it out, the formula is actually clear, like gel. So all you need is a very tiny amount of it. However, I find it difficult to control the amount of product discharge with the pump.

It is very gentle on the skin and I really like its hydrating effects. I noticed that the skin at my under eye area is more plumped up the next morning. Unlike other eye products, this is moisturizing but not too rich for the skin around the eye area.

Although it is stated as fragrance-free, it has this unpleasant odour to it. It is probably due to the combination of the ingredients that results in that scent. I reckon it’s the combination of olives and kiwi.

You might have to hold your breath while applying the eye gel around your eye area. But what I would do is to squirt some product at the back of my hand first, then wave it in the air for the scent to diffuse away. It is more bearable this way.

Ingredients: olive leaf extract, green tea leaf extract, kiwi seed oil, cucumber extract, vitamin E

Initially, I thought the product smelt unpleasant because it was expired but it isn’t so.
Remember to check the expiry date of your beauty products too!

This is a highly concentrated eye gel that is very gentle for the skin around the eyes.
It’s a great product but the scent-wise, it can be a little unbearable.


Olive Pomegranate Hand and Nail Cream

Main ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil and pomegranate extract
It is packed with multi-functional olive actives and pomegranate fruit extract. It also has this lovely fruity scent that would appeal to the younger ones (yes, I have matured). I would prefer it to be used as a body lotion as my idea of a hand cream is one that is very rich, creamy yet fast absorbent.

The consistency of this hand and nail cream is quite thin and light. It would really work well for those with sensitive skin and also safe for kids. This would make a good Christmas gift for the young ones.

Like the illuminating face polish, the cream is stored in a skinny tube which could be easily slipped into our bags and carried it with us around.

Ingredients: olive squalane, pomegranate extract, shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin E


Olive Exfoliating Moisture Body Scrub (200g)

If there is one product I would recommend, it would have to be Olive Exfoliating Moisture Body Scrub. The scrub beads are cane sugar granules which are quite rough so it is best to use it on your body only and not your face. It really exfoliates the skin to reveal a smoother and softer skin.

I would use it after soaping my body during a shower, about twice a week. It just leaves your skin smelling great of all the plant oils and when I wake up the next morning, my skin still feels soft and supple.

Ingredients: Pure olive leaf extract, cane sugar, hazelnut oil, pistachio nut oil, shea butter, natural essential oils

It smells really pleasant too and it provides that pleasant bath experience.


If you left the jar untouched for a few days, you will notice that the oils will start to float up and forms a top layer. That’s actually the golden layer which contains all the natural oils to nourish your skin.


You also don’t really need much of the product to exfoliate the whole body. Perhaps just one teaspoon of it is sufficient. This beauty tub is a must-have for all women. And if you have not used a body scrub before, I would urge you to! You feel somewhat ‘cleaner’ after a good scrub.

Time to plant this olive tree in your bathroom!

For more information, check out Olive’s Facebook Page and Instagram. Also, visit their website at

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