The Oud Collection by Atkinsons: Perfume of The Century


If you are talking about the finest perfumes for the royalty, it is none of the fashion house brands you see at Marina Bay Sands Singapore but, Atkinsons, a British perfume house founded in London in 1799. And in 1826, King George IV proclaimed it to be the Official Perfumer to the Royal Court of England.  

I was still trying to fathom its roots and history that dates way back in 1799. Their scents are notably sophisticated and I was already seething with excitement to understand more about their composition of fragrances which boosts the use of this essentially rare ingredient in the perfumery world, called oud.  

Interestingly, this highly-prized ingredient, also known as agarwood, is secreted by the Southeast Asian Agar tree when it is infected by a particular fungus. The tree itself responded by secreting a dark resin to protect itself from further damage. This secretion is often referred as liquid gold.    

I had a whiff of the oud scent is it certainly very interesting. It’s a little musky, mouldy and somewhat woody. To some, it can smell really unpleasant but to me, there’s this sweetness to the scent that would help to enhance the middle and top notes of the perfume. I get excited when it comes to scents and somehow I had the ability to describe the scent really well. If I am not wrong, the oud is the binding factor to blend all the notes of the perfume together and at the same time, help retained the scent of the top notes, giving the perfume a little more character without actually dampening the perfume itself.   

A tiny vial of oud can costs up to a thousand dollars because it is so difficult to find and extract them.   

I guess this what makes the Oud collection of perfumes by Atkinsons so special.      

The Oud Collection 


Her Majesty The Oud 5 4

Everyone called her Khatun, from camel riders to emirs. But in London the bold heroine of our latest the perfume was known as Gertrude Bell. English adventuress, archaeologist, and diplomat of the Levant, Miss Bell was Our Woman in Baghdad during the Empire’s prime.

In this rich spicy-sweet evocation of oud we travel with Miss Bell as she did, on horseback through the burning deserts of Mesopotamia alongside tribal horsemen in embroidered cashmere robes. Like her, this deliciously womanly and nomadic fragrance laces together Orient and Occident, mingling precious Turkish Rose-infused oud with the afternoon high tea delights of sweet red berry jam and apricot-scented osmanthus flowers.

An intrepid leather accord of saddle and bridle softly rounded by the powdery floral scent of iris and a desert whisper of vanilla expresses the Victorian elegance of this adventurous horsewoman. Miss Bell in her beautifully billowing muslin gowns was that rare thing: an English rose amongst Bedouin splendour.



His Majesty The Oud  

His Majesty The Oud was inspired by King Faisal I., a legendary leader of the Arabian history. It isn’t quite like the usual men fragrances which are often very musky and spicy. The scent is warmer and the oriental notes come out really strong on the first whiff.

The hint of spicy cloves scent gives it that mysterious feel, beckoning you to come close to take another whiff. The layers of the scent come out very beautifully for this bottle of perfume.  


This collection has this Arabian touch to it – from the design of the bottles to the types of ingredients used – it’s the perfume of the century. For a very long time, I have not come across a well-made scent until that very day.

 Her Majesty The Oud (Eau De Parfum – Natural Spray, 100ml) and His Majesty The Oud ((Eau De Parfum – Natural Spray, 100ml) are retailed at $305 per bottle.  

The Oud Collection will be available exclusively at Robinsons The Heeren Singapore.

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