The Science Behind Mucota Scena Hair Treatment

It’s been about a month ever since I did a colouring treatment on my hair so this time, I was back at Hairtistry for a hair treatment. Thankfully, my hair isn’t too dry even a month after I coloured my hair.
I tried the Mucota Scena treatment this time which is apparently a really popular hair treatment which is offered at other hair salons too. These series of professional hair treatment products are from Japan and it is perfect for softening the hair and making your hair look smoother, lighter and shinier.
The treatment process took about an hour or so and it is a 3-step process which involves using 3 different types of products together with the use of the steamer machine to enable the ingredients of the product to penetrate deeper into the hair cuticles. Though it’s a three simple-step process, the science behind it can be quite complicated but nevertheless, interesting, at least to me who is born as a Science geek. I mean, there’s so many hair treatments around in the market, with different efficacies, wouldn’t you want to know what the products actually do for your hair and whether it is effective and worth every single cent?

The Mucota Scena Hair Treatment

Duration: 1hr, Cost: $128 (short), $158 (long)
(1) Moisture and nourishing the Hair
Products used have to be applied on clean damp hair so my hair was washed and my hairstylist, Tonny started to apply Mucota Scena Adel, which is a moisture base for treatment, on my hair and the product is left there for about 15 minutes or so. It actually functions by keeping the moisture inside the already-damaged hair and makes the hair soft and moist before the next step. 
The Science behind it : Adel contains nano-sized ceramide, cholesterol and amino acids which can penetrate into the hair to repair from within and to retain moisture as well. 
(2) Repairs and locking in the nutrients
After rinsing the product off, Mucota Scena Brava was sprayed evenly on my hair. It contains 5 kinds of hair repair elements to treat hair damages. For better penetration, my hair was subjected to hot steam and the hair steamer itself radiates infrared which helps to revitalize the scalp too. 
The Science behind it : The Brava contains a reactive ceramide-like substance that could penetrate into the hair by binding itself to water molecules, then transform to a net-like structure to prevent the loss of moisture and other repair elements which are already found in the hair. 
(3) Protection of cuticle
My hair is then washed again and Mucota Scena Calore was applied to protect the hair cuticle and to make hair smoother, silkier and more lustrous.
The Science behind it: I shall not dwell into the hair chemistry involved here but to put it simply, the Calore will help to regenerate the surface of the cuticle so that the hair is protected from external damage.
The results are not too bad. My hair felt so much lighter and less tacky than before. My hair texture is so much smoother than before too. For me, it lasted for about a couple of weeks even till today as I was writing this blog post. After reading into the science of this treatment, it does make a lot of sense in repairing damaged hair and it is also a form of preventive measure to maintain the healthy condition of your hair. Thus, I felt that this treatment is perfect for those who have just gone for chemical hair treatment as this Mucota Dyna hair treatment will prevent further hair damaged right after the intensive chemical treatment which you’ve just gone through.
While I getting my hair treated, my boo was sitting right next to me! He has decided to get a haircut from Tonny after I recommended Tonny and his hair salon to him.
I got to understand about his hair texture and condition too so I guess it’s a great bonding activity for couples to visit hair salons together?
He has got this natural curl which I didn’t even realise about it and that explains why he would take a longer time to style his hair because it is indeed quite challenging to work with curly hair.
I just wanted him to get a different and younger haircut apart from his usual sleek hair style which always tend to get flat the moment he heads out of his house. I thought it would be nice to comb his hair up and give it some volume. So here it is…
I really like this refreshing look and now he looked so much taller with this volumized hair. I tell you, a great hairstyle can change your whole outlook. It’s no different from your makeup and clothes.
The natural waves he had is all swept back and it creates a more texturized hairstyle. Apparently, hair perming is rather trendy among guys in Korea and Japan now.
I guess Sam was just flabbergasted when I asked him if he likes his hairstyle. He just said,’ Yeah…’ Then half an hour later after we left the salon, he said ‘ Oh yeah, This hairstyle really makes me look good.’ Not to mention that he received compliments from his friends too. Not too bad for a $28 haircut yeah? This includes hair wash too.
But I guess he still needs to get acquainted with this hairstyle and learn how to manage his hair. Is it really troublesome for guys to style their hair?
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