World of Moxibustion: When East meets West


First of all, I want to give thanks to Sally who recommended me to review the treatment offered at World of Moxibustion. It all started from there when I begin to discover more about the therapeutic effects of the Eastern Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

I’ve been trying out treatments which were influenced by Western medicine and technologies. But to be very honest, though they might seem somewhat effective, the results isn’t very lasting and more than often, it’s not done via natural means.

I believe that the reason why many others are starting to explore TCM-based treatments is because the medicinal herbs used are natural and somehow, as I got to discover more about TCM, it’s always about trying to help the body regain a balance back to its neutral healthy state. It is all about trying to get our organs and systems to be functioning at optimal levels. There were sayings that TCM arrest and tackles the root of the problem while Western medicine treats and prevents the problem from worsening. But here at World of Moxibustion, they believe in the benefits of both types of medicines and cleverly combined the best of both worlds. Using the TCM method of moxibustion and products that harness western technologies like nanotechnology, they have devised a beneficial treatment which has already help many others to improve their health and well-being.


What is moxibustion?

Perhaps before I go on and on about the treatment, I wanted to talk a little about moxibustion which I also knew little about before I did the treatment. Moxibustion is a form of traditional Chinese healing therapy that has been around for thousand of years. Like other forms of TCM therapies which includes acupuncture and cupping, moxibustion is one of China’s most ancient art of healing. 
It involves the burning of this natural herb called Ai oil right above the acupuncture points to produce a warm flow of ‘qi’ in the meridians of the body. This localised thermal stimulation effect is believed to enhance blood circulation, strengthen skin tissues and promotes excretion of toxins within the body. At times, sometimes we do have blockages in our body that blocks the flow of ‘qi’ or slows down our blood circulation. As such, this therapy will help to remove all these blockages, restore balance and overall, promotes greater health and well-being of our bodies.
World of Moxibustion

World of Moxibustion is actually a training centre where they train beauty therapists about their patented treatments designed by them.This centre is founded by Mr Jack Tan who introduces the World of Moxibustion training centre while I was there. It is also Singapore’s first research and development centre and production of moxibustion with therapy products that are registered with trademarks. Their products are also Health Sciences Authority (HSA) approved after stringent checks. 

Their training centre is led by their own Moxibustion treatment therapist and trainer in Singapore, Nicole Zhou whom I also got a chance to talk to her about the treatment.


Some of their signature products used are their Mineral Mud mask which is used during the treatment.

I had a little tour around their training centre which is located along upper Boon Keng road, right next to a food centre. It’s a well-furnished place with consultation and treatment rooms which are mostly used for training purposes.


They even have a couple room too.


Prior to the treatment, I went through a consultation with the therapist where we get to discuss some of the health problems I was facing. I mainly just wanted to slim down and to address my bloating and water retention problems.


They will also run a health diagnostic check for you to assess your health status using the quantum resonance magnetic analyser.

The report shows that I had some fatty deposits in my liver tissues and other health issues. I guess that all these ailments are showing up physically on my body – occasional acne, constipation and bloatedness.


Now comes the treatment which was quite relaxing and there is no pain or much discomfort involved.
The treatment started with a massage to release all the tension in the muscles and joints. It is then followed by gua sha using their stone needle (or Bianstone) scraping plate which contains over 40 types of minerals and trace elements.


This TCM technique of gua sha is believed to stimulate blood flow and promotes healing in the body. There are slight bruises induced in the skin during the scraping process as the stone plate gets brushed across the skin with some pressure. It can get a little uncomfortable at some tight spots on my back but you can always let the therapists know about it so that she can reduce the pressure. After all, the main purpose is to have you relax while you are undergoing treatment and not getting all tensed up.


For me, I had gua sha done my back where the therapists did on my spine area. There were red bruises across my shoulder and back but there were all gone after 2 days. And my once super tensed shoulders are more at ease and relaxed too. In fact, I noticed that skin looked more radiant after the treatment with the improvement of the blood circulation in my body. One of the more obvious effects is that I felt my hips become narrower and the lower half of my body looked slimmer.

The treatment is really targeted as I know that my lower body is heavier than my top and from Nicole’s assessment of my condition, she said that metabolic rate is slow and the lower body is not efficient in regulating the blood and lymph circulation. This is precisely why my lower body tends to get bloated and swollen. Even with regular exercise and controlled diet, it was really difficult for me to lose the excess fat when my metabolic rate is still very low. But I am glad that something positive is indeed happening in my body right now.


And just below the moxibustion step, the therapists applied the mud mineral mask on my back. The mud mask contains trace elements and the absorption rate of this product into the skin is very fast. This product employs nanotechnology which allows the particles to be so tiny that it can penetrate into the skin quickly and deeply.

After the mud mask is applied on my back at the acupuncture points, the therapists started to burn the moxa sticks which are made out of Ai (艾草)oil or mugwort. The sticks are burnt closely to your skin but it does not produce a lot of smoke. You will feel a warm sensation near the skin and this warmth will slowly spread throughout your body. However, if there is a blockage, then all the heat is trapped within the spot and you feel that that’s getting hotter. You will just need to communicate that with the therapists and she will remove the moxa sticks away from your skin.

And to finish off the treatment, they applied some essential oils to soothe the skin and help relax the muscles. In the western world of medicines, these essential oils are more than just mood enhancers but also has its own health and healing properties.

Overall, the treatment was comfortable and more importantly, it works for me! And I really like it knowing that it’s safe, natural and cruelty. I find that such therapies are a more natural way of stimulating and aiding the body to help itself without forcing the body to do anything else. It simply just enhances our body’s natural ability to work optimally to regain back our health. I might be heading back for more treatments to restore the ‘qi’ in my body. Also, the therapists there are very friendly and are willing and earnest in helping others to get better. Mr Jack Tan and Nicole themselves are also amiable, hospitable and have a warm personality.

Once again, it’s all about respecting your body and listen to it. It will tell you what it needs.

Stay positive!

World of Moxibustion
HDB Boon Keng Ville
Upper Boon Keng Road 
Singapore 380016
Tel : 6747 0128

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