5 Affordable Green and Healthy On-the-Go Food Under $10 (Vegetarian-friendly)

If you are still having this misconception that healthy meals like salads are expensive and tasted plain, then I am about to prove you wrong. Eating clean isn’t always about eating salads. 
Below are 5 affordable green and healthy meals which I would usually have them while I am on the go. It’s the new ‘green fast’ food minus the MSG and other artificial flavourings. 

1. Green Dot

This dot is expanding fast. It started its first outlet in Paya Lebar and now they have an outlet in Jurong East, Buona Vista, Raffles Place and Serangoon! They serve mainly Chinese-style vegetarian dishes which is delicious. Besides their bento sets, you should also try their Laksa and Herbal noodles and some of the dishes there costs around $10 and below.
It can get rather crowded because people are really starting to appreciate vegetarian food.
Their condiments like sambal chili and BBQ sauce make everything tasted even better too.

2. Traditional Hakka Lui Cha

My mum’s a Hakka so that how I got introduced to this vegetarian dish called Lei Cha Fan (or Thunder Tea Rice) which consist mixed vegetables with some peanuts. It is usually served with green tea soup. It’s my favourite comfort food as I can get it from the hawker centre just across a street from my house. Not everywhere sells good Thunder Tea Rice but the stall at Boon Lay sells really delicious Thunder tea rice for just $3.50 per packet.

3. Paik’s BiBim

I just discovered this place only recently after knowing that it serves vegetarian-friendly bibimbap. However, there’s only one option for vegetarians which is their marinated tofu bibimbap. If you are not a vegetarian, you can try out their other bibimbap which has a good mix of meat and vegetables. To enjoy a bowl of bibimbap, drizzle some of the Korean bibimbap sauce or Go Chu Jiang and mix well.  Their Go Chu Jiang makes it so tasty.
They’ve got a few outlets in Singapore so it is not too difficult to enjoy some healthy bibimbap.

4. Wheat Baumkuchen

They served Japanese-inspired healthy sobas, salads and brown rice with some meat and vegetables. The only vegetarian dish served here is Reindeer which is soba noodles with mushrooms, seaweed and edamame beans. It’s super popular among CBD executives because it is healthy and affordable. The average price of a meal costs about $10. I always go for their reindeer soba that costs only $7.80.


5.  The Soup Spoon

You can find Soup Spoon almost everywhere these days and if you need just a quick and light bite, go for a light meal at Soup Spoon. Each bowl of soup is sufficient to fill you up and it costs less than $10 for a bowl of hot and thick soup. My favourites are their Pumpkin, Tangy Tomato and Velvety Mushroom soup. 
These are my 5 go-to places for healthy meals that I would frequent whenever I am out. What are your favourite go-to places for healthy food? Let me know in the comment box right below!

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