Canon EOS M10 X Rilakkuma : The Semi-Pro Camera You Should Have


If you are looking into getting a DSLR camera but do not understand much of the technicalities behind photography, then you could start with a semi-pro camera first. For myself, I do not have much time to study photography and the camera settings, so I prefer a really simple camera with great auto settings that allow me to take high-quality photographs. I guess I’ve found the answer when I met Rilakkuma who had the solution hanging around his neck. It’s the Canon EOS M10 that I found it really worth investing. I might even consider replacing my current canon DSLR with this semi-pro camera. If you have read my previous blog post on Toy Travel with Canon, you would understand why I love this camera so much.


It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and I like its simplistic outlook with not too many buttons. Most of the settings can be done with your fingertip on the screen through the inbuilt system within the camera itself. With lesser buttons, you don’t get those instances where you accidentally press a button and the camera operates in a different mode. 
Highlighted features:
18.0 megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor
180° Tilt-type Touchscreen LCD+Self Portrait Mode
The picture quality turns out as good as my DSLR using the default lens (18-55mm). It is so much easier to store and carry the Canon EOS M10 during travel as compared to those bulky DSLR cameras. Even if you knew nuts about photography, you can still capture high-quality professional photos. With Canon, everyone can become a photographer.
My favourite feature is the 180° Tilt-type Touchscreen LCD that allows me to take selfies and vlogs on my own. A movable screen is somewhat important these days as it allows you to take photographs from various angles.


In the packaging itself, there’s the user guide, battery charger, adapter, camera body and the lens. The lens is interchangeable so if you want to explore with photography in greater depth, you can change the lenses.

The other plus points for this camera is the battery which can last for pretty long and the night shots are awesome. It can capture clear images even under low-light conditions. This camera is pretty smart I must say. And I guess the only limitation is nonetheless the fact that it’s still somewhat different from DSLR camera for more professional use. But if you just need a camera to take photos casually, this camera is perfect.


Its lightweight and comfortably designed body allow you to hold and take it with you whatever you travel. It fits nicely in my palms.

I like to think that this camera is custom-made for my own needs and use. All I need is a shutter button and the three modes on the dial. I don’t exactly need to adjust any other settings when my camera can work and think for me.


Like the other latest canon cameras, the Canon EOS M10 is wifi-enabled and it allows you to capture photos with your phone as long as you download the Canon app. It turns your phone into a remote control and you can take beautiful shots even you are at a distance away from your camera.

*For a limited time only, purchase an EOS M10 and receive a free limited edition Rilakkuma plush doll. Availability differs according to your country so check out your local retail outlet for more information!

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