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Canon Rayo i8 : You Don’t Need A TV Anymore

You can call me a minimalist. My dress sense is so basic and I like my living space to be less cluttered. I even wanted to do away with television because I hardly watch TV these days. Maybe I could get those pull-down white screens with a projector if I really want to watch a movie with the family and needed a bigger screen to share with. And it does seem that I don’t really need a TV after all after I’ve discovered about Canon’s Rayo i8

It’s by the far the smallest wireless projector I’ve seen. It fits so nicely in my hand. This little powerful gold gadget in my hand is Canon’s Rayo i8, a compact, and lightweight mini projector. Measuring 111 mm in both length and width, 17.2 mm in depth, the compact RAYO i8 weighs approximately 269 grams. 

It is also highly portable and can run on battery for up to 2 hours when charged. It’s ideal for both home and office use. Need to share a screen with a larger audience during a presentation? All you need is a wall and Rayo i8 to carry out your presentations at anywhere and anytime.
You can leave it on the desk or fixed it on the tripod but I suggest mounting it on a tripod to allow the heat from the device to dissipate. It also allows for better ventilation. 
Rayo i8 offers 854 x 480 (WVGA) screen pixel resolution and clear images can be projected up to about 5 metres away. Of course, the nearer it is to the screen, the clear the images. 
It is equipped with built-in dual stereo speakers and the amplified crisp sound quality enhances the whole entertainment experience.

The Rayo i8 is inclusive of a mini tripod. 
The RAYO i8 mini projector lets you directly stream content from any smart devices such as your phone, iPad or laptops. 

It’s so easy to sync the smart devices with Rayo i8 once I got to learn how to do so. You will just need to switch on the projector and it will instantly show up an image with the name of its wifi network and also the password.
Then, turn on your wifi on your smart devices to connect. After connecting, there is another crucial step which comes after to mirror the image on your smart device to the screen.
If you are using iPhone, just go to AirPlay and connect to Happy cast (240). This allows the mirroring to take effect.
And that’s it! Just 3 simple steps and you are able to project images or videos streamed live on your phone. How cool is that? It takes less than 5 minutes to do the set-up.
The images are pretty sharp don’t you think?
I really could see the potential of this mini projector which can turn any space or room into a meeting room. And it’s going to save so much space in offices and homes if we can do always with screens or television. Any surfaces in the room can be turned into a screen with Rayo i8. In addition, the images are pretty sharp. Not too bad for a mini portable projector!

I just love how portable to carry this projector around and how easy it is to operate. However, this device gets heated up very quickly so make sure it is well-ventilated.

The gold RAYO i8 is available on and with a recommended retail price of $749.

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