Dang Onion Chips (Vegan-Friendly)

Dang! It’s my first time eating onion chips made out of 100% onions and coated with natural seasonings. As all of you know, onions are great as condiments but isn’t necessarily tasty if it is the main ingredient. You bet, my whole mouth is filled with the onion smell after eating these chips by Dang Foods LLC.
Don’t get me wrong. I love onions but too much of it can be rather overwhelming.
The chips are crunchy and delicious but I just didn’t like the lingering strong onion taste in my mouth. The smell would only persists if the onion is raw which I think it maybe the case for these chips. 
Dang! onion chips comes in four flavours but I got to try 4 varieties :sea salt, salt and pepper, chipotle garlic, Applewood BBQ. The seasoning that coats the chips evenly is tasty. That’s for sure. If I were to use these seasoning on baked potato chips, it would taste really awesome. I kinda wish that they would use some other vegetables like tapioca or potato instead of onions.
These chips are vegan-friendly, gluten-free and. non-GMO. And I recommend to eat these chips as a side or toppings on salads or soups.
To be really honest, it can be quite addictive because the chip itself is very crunchy and delicious but it’s the strong aftertaste that I am not quite for it. Also, each packet of onion chips costs about USD4 or SGD5 plus. It’s not very cheap but certainly worth the try.
But if you love onions and wouldn’t mind the strong after taste, this chips which are made in Vietnam might blow your mind.
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