That night was a true culinary experience as we got to watch a live cooking demonstration of Chef Edward Esmero from My Little Spanish Place, whipping up some authentic Spanish dishes at Cosentino Asia’s Live Kitchen.
In one evening, I not only got to learn about Cosentino’s innovations but I also get a taste of Spanish gastronomical experience. Cosentino, as what I got to know of, is a global Spanish company which designs, produces and distributes innovative surfaces with high value for architecture and designs. At their office, they housed a modern kitchen equipped with really cool hi-tech kitchen appliances as well as their showroom and a mini office.
Cosentino is also the world’s leading quartz and natural stone surface manufacturer.  Over here, they talked about high-quality surfaces that are almost resistant to anything.
 One of their innovation, Dekton,which is an ultra compact surface for new kitchen and bathroom surfaces, is an outstanding material. It is highly resistant to UV, abrasion and stains. It also has a high mechanical resistance and maximum resistance to fire and heat. The Dekton is actually a blend of raw materials used in producing glass and porcelain as well as the highest quality of quartz work. One of the latest collection in Dekton line is Trilium which is inspired by the industrialized look of oxidized steel.The Trilum is also the first recycled colour within the Dekton line.
Dekton is the only brand that offers a certified warranty in writing. It offers a genuine 10-year warranty. 
It’s great to know that Cosentino practises sustainability as well. Their ECO-Line Colour series is part of their quest for sustainability. They gathered the waste materials to create a product with a composition of 50% recycled materials. Glass, porcelain, vitrified ashes and even water are reused to make these recycled surfaces.

And on their surface of their live kitchen are gorgeous ingredients brought along by Chef Edward who will be doing a Spanish cooking demonstration, whipping up delicious Spanish dishes to keep our tummies filled up for the night. 

Amuse Bouche 

Sphere of Gazpacho
A classic twist to a refreshing Andalusian cold vegetable soup with Serrano bits, parsley, and garlic oil

It looks like mini egg yolks or Gutetama sitting on wooden spoons. I don’t really know how else to describe this when your teeth sink into these spherical balls, that burst of refreshing flavours just came through. It whey my appetite. I am ready for more.


Ostras con Salsa de Escabeche
Fresh oyster with reduction of citrus escabeche and crispy shallots

We had 3 tapas and they were all so delicately made. The oysters were so fresh and the shot of sauce that goes along with it is spectacular.

Coca de Escalivada
Roasted smoked eggplant, piquillo peppers and onions, olive oil and fresh herbs served on coca bread topped with Manchego and a balsamic reduction.

For the next tapas, I actually had some hands-on experience in assembling the ingredients on the bread. Its like a really thick toast with roasted and baked veggies on it. It’s vegetarian too which means I can afford to take an extra slice.


Chef Edward presented the Coca de Escalivada on Silestone surface board produced by Cosentino. Their surfaces are resistant to scratches and stains which make them good cutting and chopping boards I guess. I totally wouldn’t mind using the glossy Silestone surface as my cutting board.


While the coca sits in the oven to get baked, the chef prepares the next dish which requires a lot of OLIVE OIL.

Gambas al Ajillo
Prawns cooked in olive oil, white wine, garlic, and chilli.

This lovely tapas is served toasted bread. 


Because the prawns are so fresh and succulents, the sauce that was left in the pan has that sweet prawn flavour. Very tantalizing, I must say.

Look at that!

Though we had only 3 tapas, we were feeling quite full by the time we completed all the tapas.


Last but not least, we have our sweet treat.


Torta de Santiago
Mini Galician ‘Cake of St.James’, a traditional feature of the ‘Camino de Santiago’ pilgrimage – made of ground almonds, eggs, infused with lemon and served with vanilla ice cream.

The star of this dessert, for me, is the caramelized bananas.The chef actually coated each banana slices with some sugar before using the torch lighter to blaze the flame over the banana slices. 


The dessert is topped with some almond ice cream. And that’s how we spent the lovely evening over wine and conversations. Sometimes, it’s just really enjoyable to have a slow dinner while you take your time to relish the taste of each meal served right before you.

Special thanks to Cosentino City Singapore for organizing this Spanish Master Cooking Class together with Chef Edward from My Little Spanish place. 

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