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Karmart Whitening Sunscreen

I can easily name a few favourite moisturizers and serums which I’ve used before but when it comes to sunscreen, it’s difficult for me to name even a few sunscreens which I like. Thus, I am still testing a few other sunscreens and trying out which works the best for my skin type especially my face.
Karmart L-Glutathione Magic Cream Whitening sunscreen is the latest sunscreen product which I’ve tested. It could actually be used both on the face and body but I prefer using it on the body itself. 
I’ve seen several Thai commercials for this product and though it was made in Thailand but interestingly, it is actually formulated in Korea.
When I first removed the cap to try the product, the sunscreen, being quite watery, actually leaked out. So you got to be very careful when you are dispensing the product from the tube and not to use too much force to squeeze the tube.
The white formulae has this paste-like texture which might take some time to blend it into the skin evenly. As the name of the product suggests, it actually really whitens the skin and leaves the skin about 2 shades fairer than your original skin. If you want a whitening skin effect, you can most certainly try out this product.
Once you blend it into your skin, it leaves a dry and matte texture. It didn’t leave any sticky or tacky feel. It’s also waterproof so it makes a good sunscreen for swimming. 
If you would like to use it on your face, I recommend using some amounts of it first, just to check if it is suitable for your skin type.  And if it works, you got to remember to remove the sunscreen thoroughly with a makeup remover at the end of the day since it isn’t quite water-soluble.
Because it’s rather thick and at the same time watery, you don’t have to use too much of the product. All you need is a small amount to cover your neck and other body parts.
This sunscreen has a SPF 50 and it is a broad spectrum sunscreen which blocks against damaging UV rays. It is not too bad for a sunscreen which is pretty affordable as compared to other sunscreens.
Have you tried this sunscreen before?
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