Mizuno Ekiden : Team Glitz!

Here’s a second edition of Mizuno Ekiden which took place last Saturday evening at The Promontory.  It’s my first time racing in the late afternoon and it was so hot and sunny. 
I enjoyed the run around the CBD district area but they were just alot of turns and the paths can be quite confusing. Without the directions from the ushers on standby, I would probably get lost and run into the race course for those doing the full marathon. 
There were a couple of slopes but thankfully, it wasn’t too steep. If I had to run up a slope under this blazing heat, I might just give up and walk all the way. 
I didn’t quite train up for this race so my timing isn’t that great. I wish I had trained and prepare my body for the race but it’s nonetheless a good run and exercise. And to me, running is all about testing your endurance levels and determination. It’s definitely more than just burning of calories.
For this run, I invited my favourite people on earth to join me in this race. 
Introducing our first runner for Team Glitz!  I was so glad to have Vanessa who is an avid marathon runner herself. 
And I was the second runner. My skin turned red under the sun. Though it was really warm out there, I didn’t sweat as much probably because there’s some wind to cool off the body heat. 
This is my third runner,  Eunice, who is really sporting and she is such a bundle of joy. 
And here’s my favourite man on earth, Samuel, who completed his 5 KM in 29 minutes! I was so glad that his stamina has improved so much as compared to the previous races we joined together. 
There was also a boo-hoo moment when we realized that Sam and Eunice were wearing the wrong bib because we made last minute changes to the order of our runners. But thankfully, we managed to rectify the problem and get Eunice to swop her bib with Sam. And all was good! Thank God!

We were all so jaded after the race but we still had energy to take pictures with our medals!
While we were walking out of the Mizuno Eiken Village, we discovered the Brand’s is giving out free bottles of chicken essences which label can be personalized! So we had our team name printed on the label and that was really cool!
Our stomachs were growling and to fuel ourselves up, we headed to Ramen Keisuke Tori King at 100AM shopping mall in Tanjong Pagar area for some ramen. It’s supposedly the best ramen shop in Singapore and I couldn’t agree more! The soup broth was super thick and the noodles are just so springy. It’s as good as those ramens I had in Japan. 
It’s also quite affordable too! I ordered the black spicy Tori ramen for $12.90 only. It’s quite spicy and it’s interesting that they used chicken instead of pork. There’s also free hard-boiled eggs and spicy cooked beansprouts. 
Super satisfied!
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