Pocari Sweat Run Meets The Hulk

Meeting the Hulk during the POCARI SWEAT RUN 2016 has most certainly empowered the both of us to run faster and also the Pocari Sweat drink that has supplied us with the ions to fuel us up during the run. I actually keep all four hydration points during the 10KM race because I didn’t felt the need to drink after I drank Pocari Sweat right before the race. But it could also be due to the fact that the sun isn’t right above us and that it was cooling in the evening.
It’s my first time running in the evening and though it’s nice and cooling to run as the sky turns dark, my body starts to wind down together with the sky too. At one point, I really wanted to stop running and rest as the sky darkens by every minute but I resist that temptation to stop and continued to run non-stop. When I meant running non-stop, it really means taking no breaks in between. I even ran past all the hydration points which I felt that maybe I should have a stop for a while to get a sip because, towards the end of the race, my body was clearly dehydrated as my fingers started to turn slightly numb.
While I ran non-stop, Sam also did the same and it amazes me that each time he gets better and better in running. This time, he has more stamina to run faster and further and I am super proud of this man!
Nevertheless, the whole race was really well organized and I did enjoy the route I was running except at some points where the route was rather narrow. If you asked me, I would have preferred running in the early morning as I felt more wide awake in the early hours of the day. It was rather interesting to know that Pocari has launched the Lunar Dream Capsule Project where they are launching the Pocari Sweat capsule to the moon. Did you know that the POCARI SWEAT powder has been approved by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) to become Japanese Space Food because this ion supply drink is the closest to your body water? How cool is that?
We finished the race within 1 hour and 20 minutes! It wasn’t my best timing and I was just glad that I managed to complete the race at my own pace. By the time we reached the finishing line, I felt so lethargic and I had lost all of my water weight that I looked like I’ve shrunk.
Our timings are out!
More runs to come for sure! It’s a good thing that Sam is beginning to enjoy such marathons like I do.
Fly us to the moon!

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