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Pure Tincture : Organic Facial Treatments – Effective or not?

Now that we’ve discovered the potential of organic skin care products which is more than just the concept of ‘natural’ but it’s about safe yet effective, I am starting to looking at organic facials or salons that use organic skincare products. There aren’t many beauty salons or spas here in Singapore that uses strictly organic products except for this beauty salon which I’ve discovered called Pure Tincture. 
It has been reviewed by a few health-conscious bloggers before and the facials seem pretty promising so I thought to myself, why not?  It’s vegan and vegetarian-friendly too.
Indeed, it turned out to be way beyond my expectations. Not only they are using high-end organic products but they also hire a really skilled beauty therapist which unplugged all the blackheads, whitehead and even milia seeds from my skin. It’s sure painful but I guess it’s totally worth it when my skin is now free of those bumps which are hidden under my skin for months.
Pure Tincture is conveniently located at Tanjong Pagar and it’s about 5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT. Unlike other beauty salons out there, Pure Tincture is considered to be a facial and spa boutique which offers customized facials. The man therapists over at their Tanjong Pagar outlet is Minna and she’s a very approachable, caring and knowledgeable lady who really pays attention to your needs. And when it comes to your skin woes, she’s this superhero who is out there to rescue you out of any skin troubles you might have. 
The salon has a minimalistic feel which I admire as it is very calming to be entering a cosy place to get your facials done.
There’s also this vanity desk with various organic make-up for you to try on if you are interested in organic makeup.
They carry an extensive range of organic skincare and makeup products, mainly from the USA, which I haven’t heard before. It just really goes to show how fast this organic skincare industry is expanding in the States and Europe while over here in Singapore, it’s only picking up. 
We really need to start studying labels and understand the consequence of using products with such ingredients. Companies may say that the chemicals they are using is low in concentration and it is not toxic enough to kill. But my stand is, whether these artificials chemicals are present in low concentration or not, it doesn’t matter. Why use man-made chemicals which can cause potential harm when you can rely on Mother Nature to solve our skin problems? As cliche as it may sound, our answers really lies in plants and plants are just amazing.
Some of the organic skincare brands they carry are Pai, Suki, Odacite, and OSEA. These products are also sold online on their website – talking about a one-stop solution to get hold of organic skincare products which are not readily available in Singapore.
Such facials are highly suitable for those with sensitive skin as they should be using natural products that are more gentle to their skin yet effective in helping the skin to regain a healthy pH and moisture balance.
My facial treatment was customized according to the condition of my skin. From far, my skin looks alright with no serious acne issue but I had gazillion tiny bumps hidden underneath my skin which some of the beauty therapists which I go to can’t remove it entirely. These bumps just kept resurfacing after each extraction and I really thought I had to live with these clogged pores stuffed with probably lots of sebum, bacteria and dirt. But thankfully, under the skilful hands of Minna, she managed to clean it so thoroughly that there isn’t any bump left. She said that it’s part of her work ethics to make sure our skin is deeply cleansed so that we are free from any other skin troubles. 
The most memorable step during the facial is nonetheless the extraction step. Prior to this, she did a deep cleansing step on my skin where she uses cleansers and scrubs to exfoliate my skin. After exfoliation, she said that she is able to see my clogged pores very clearly. And this follows a series of needle pricks which can be quite painful as I’ve got sensitive skin and it turns red easily.  
I knew I was in safe hands so I endured. I was surprised that she is skilled enough to remove the tiny emerging milia seeds on my skin which I thought it could only be removed via machines. If you are looking into oil seed removal, approach her at Pure Tincture.
Finally, after the skin is free of the bumps, she sprayed some vitamin C boost water and applied a soothing ampoule on my face. I am sorry guys because I couldn’t remember all the various products she was using like other bloggers because I just wanted to relax after the extraction process and I let myself loose. 
I also enjoyed a thorough facial massage which I can only describe with one word ‘Shiok!’. Minna also did an intensive eye care treatment seeing that I had dark eye circles and my eyes looked tired. She uses a special mineral stone called ‘Bian shi’ (in mandarin) to massage my eye area. This helps to stimulate the blood circulation around my eyes. 
Last but not least, it’s mask time! She uses this mask to hydrate , moisturize and repair my skin. And before I forget, these organic products they use smells like heaven. There’s really a distinct difference between artificially-scented products and naturally scented products which smell just like botanical essential oils. It’s very calming and rejuvenating.
How did my face look after the facial? I am not going to lie because my face looked like it’s been bitten by ants but I went ahead to attend events anyway because I know these tiny open wounds would heal with time. After 3 days, my skin was fully recovered and it’s not so much brighter and smoother. I really have to thank Minna for the great extraction job done to my face. The only problem I have to worry for now is to maintain my current skin condition and prevent it from getting clogged again. Now that I’ve switched to organic skin care products, I just hope my skin will improve each day and look radiant even without makeup!

So are organic facials effective?

Combined with good facial skills and products, it’s not difficult to achieve great skin through the green way.

And remember, every dollar you invest as a consumer really counts. Support brands or companies that practise sustainability and exercise green efforts.
Stay conscious, always.
(5 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit A)
Tel: 6222 0267 / 9105 2345 (SMS for appointments or questions)
68 Tras Street #02-01 Singapore 079007
Retail Hours: 11:00 – 7:30 pm (Closed on Alternate Sunday)
Treatments Hours:
Monday to Saturday Last facial appointment at 7 p.m
Sunday Last facial appointment at 4 pm
Pure Tincture Studio @ The Adelphi 
(5 minutes walk from City Hall MRT Exit B)
Tel: 6337 6411 / 9857 7859 (SMS for appointments or questions)
The Adephi, 1 Coleman Street, #02-04 Singapore 179803.
Retail Hours: 11:00 – 8:00 pm (Close on Sunday & Public Holidays)
Treatments Hours: 
Monday to Friday Last facial appointment at 7 p.m
Saturday Last facial appointment at 4:30 pm
Check out their Facebook page for more updates.

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