If you are talking about innovative food dining concepts which are more than just infused cartoon character themes into the menu, it has got to be vegetarian or vegan fine dining. The list of ingredients has shrunk to just purely vegetables, fruits and other non-meat products. No doubt, it would be more challenging working with limited ingredients to create appetizing dishes that not only look presentable but taste delicious too. But Sufood proves that it’s possible with vegetables and fruits. And I believe that the reason why many others like myself appreciate vegetarian food because they are prepared with extra thought and care to it.
Sufood has always been on my list of vegetarian restaurants to try but I never got to try it because I thought it might be too expensive. But now that I’ve tried it, I was surprised that it’s pretty affordable especially if you go for the full-course meal.
This Taiwan’s number 1 vegetarian restaurant chain has created a myriad of new culinary dishes and has included them on their current menu. With more food choices, there’s definitely a reason why you should come back to Sufood again to indulge in meals that are carefully prepared to ensure that the nutritional integrity of the ingredients is preserved.
Their menu features Western-Asian fusion food presented in fine dining style. You could order ala carte or their 8-course meal from the menu. It’s definitely more worth it to order their 8-course meal which costs only $29.80 +++ per person. It’s certainly cheaper than the usual fine dining affair held elsewhere.
1. Rosemary Breadsticks with blueberry dip or mustard sauce
It’s not as crumbly or crunchy as it looks. These freshly-bake rosemary-infused breadsticks have got more of a bread texture and it is nice when eaten warm. And I personally think that it goes well with the mustard sauce.
2.  The SuFood Appetizer
You get to enjoy a trio of small bites which consists of yuca roots drizzled with blueberry coulis, lady’s finger with alfalfa and savoury cherry tomato jelly. They are all delicately prepared and though perhaps not as flavourful but these light bites do help to stimulate the desire to eat and in a way, cleanse the palette before going for the mains.
To further cleanse the palette before each course, there’s a mini jar of fruit vinegar which has a pleasant sweet sourish taste. Drinking vinegar also aids in digestion too. 
For drinks, I ordered The Comfy which is a blend of pear and yucca roots. It has this thick milky texture and it’s very high in fibre.I guess yuca roots itself doesn’t have much taste to it so the drink is only slightly sweetened with the pears. It can be quite filling if you really finish the whole glass of it. 

3. Salads
For salads, I had the Rainbow Fruit Salad which is one of their newly featured item in the menu.  It combines refreshing tropical fruits and exotic vegetables such as crystalline ice plants, jambu, cherry radish and figs. It is paired with passionfruit yoghurt dressing. It’s a really nice salad to have in the summer.
It’s my first time trying out the Cystalline ice plants which look so pretty and tasted so crunchy. Why haven’t I heard of this plant before?
4. Soups
This creamy potato black bean soup, another newly included dish in the menu, is the only one that looks good on the menu. It’s a flavourful creamy soup that has ground black beans in it and it can almost pass off as mushroom soup.
5. Mains
By the time it comes to the main course, I was already 60% full. So I went for Rainbow baked macaroni which comes in a good portion but perhaps a little too much. It’s definitely worth the price when all the portion sizes are quite generous if you’re talking about fine dining. 
I would say that this dish tasted pretty average and not as stellar as their soups or salads.
To end things off on a sweet note, there’s Mango Frollino, a really light dessert, which comes in a really small size. It was quite unexpected as I thought it would be slightly bigger. Perhaps it’s just nice for those like myself who already feeling 90% full?
This layered cake with custard sauce and mango chunks are not too bad. It’s certainly guilt-free as it didn’t taste as sweet. 
Overall, I actually enjoyed the ambience and the service. The food is healthy and tasty but I wouldn’t quite rave much about it. 
Would you give vegetarian fine dining a try? Let me know in the comment box below!
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road, #02-19, 
Singapore 179103

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