Sunscreen Solution: Get Our Skin Painted Black

Ever wonder whether the sunblock you are using is effective in blocking out UV rays? You can now test it using a UV camera which has now become a popular tool in determining whether the sunscreens you are using is actually filtering out UV. Thanks to Videographer Tom Leveritt, the world gets amazed by seeing how the sunscreen looks under the UV camera. 
I had my skin painted black too while I was testing out Nivea’s new and improved Protect and Moisture Sun Lotion SPF50 PA++ as well as NIVEA Protect and White Lotion SPF 50 PA ++. 
I find that there’s a lot of emphasis on applying sunscreen on the face but less so on our body. I,myself, hardly apply it on my body these days as I felt that there isn’t a need to. No wonder I getting a little more pigmentation and moles on my body. It really started to get me thinking about getting the rest of our body protected against the sun. Even our hair needs to be protected against UV too!
NIVEA Protect and Moisture Sun Lotion SPF 50 PA ++
The sun lotion blocks out both UVA and UVB and at the same time, it provides 24-hour moisturization. Sun exposure causes the skin to dry out so it is also good to use a hydrating sunscreen. 
It is also water-resistant and offers an immediate and highly effective broad-spectrum sun protection. It contains both chemical and physical filters that reduce the UV exposure to our skin.
The texture is very much like other sunblocks I’ve used. It’s highly pigmented and thick. But I find it quite difficult to rub into the skin fully and it does leave a sticky feel after application. So I would apply just a thin layer on my skin and use it sparingly. 
NIVEA Protect and White Sun Lotion SPF 50 PA ++

This double-duty sunscreen keeps your skin from forming sunspots while lightening existing pigmentation. It contains licorice extract that helps reduce skin pigmentation and melanin production. I actually prefer the Protect and White Sun lotion than the other product because I find it easier for my skin to absorb the product and it is less tacky.  It’s also quite hydrating and it’s a great day lotion to apply on your body. Previously, I would have to apply moisturiser first and then layer it over with some sunscreen but now, you get the UV filter effect and hydration all in one product. Needless to say, this product would be a must for travels especially beach getaways.

Enough said. Time to get our faces and bodies painted in black.

NIVEA Sun lotions retail at Guardian, Watsons, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and other major retail stores. Both sunscreen comes in 125ml and 50ml (travel size).

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