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A Pokemon Go Date


A little down in the doldrums lately but it just takes a lil’ surprise from your loved ones to give your confidence and mood some boost. I love it when Sam plans surprise dates where I wouldn’t know where we were be heading until we both met.

Our meeting point was at Bayfront MRT and I really thought we were just probably going to catch some rare Pokemon but it was something more than that. He brought me to ArtScience Museum to view the Future World Exhibit. It’s the latest exhibit at the ArtScience Museum which features interactive artworks by teamLab. It was pretty cool.


Flowers and People, Cannot be Controlled but Live Together, Ever Blossoming Life II

It’s our future playground where it is a world of playful possibilities.


100 Years Sea Animation Diorama

We were both seranaded by the pleasant visuals and soothing music as we rest on the bean bags.


A Table Where Little People Lives

We were both so captivated when we entered the ‘Town’ which is designed in such a way to engage  children in learning through play.


Media Block Chairs


Graffiti Nature

Turn our own graffati into moving masterpieces on the virtual mural. We coloured our planes with crayons and scanned our designs so that it would be reflected on the screen. How cool is that!


Universe of Water Particles


Sketch Aquarium


Light Ball Orchestra

You will see children frolicking in the future ‘park’, engaging in playful activities to release their excess energy. Even with the increase widespread of technology and distractions from the online world, we still need to have a space to exert ourselves physically and have fun. A good example would be Pokemon Go which encourages you to be on your foot and get active.


Crystal Universe

This monumental installation by teamLab’s is the highlight of this exhibit. It’s so magical and most certainly, it made you felt like you are in this huge universe with so much inifinite space around you. Scientists believe that 96% of the universe is largely comprised of mysterious substances and forces. What are we really? Smaller than ants or simply just atoms in this Universe created by God.


By the way, Sam is a budding actor. If you wish to engage this animated guy, you can drop me an email too.


After exploring the whole exhibit area, we went ahead with our Pokemon Go hunt for rare pokemons. It was a good haul of cute pokemons. It reminded me of those days where I played pokemon on my Gameboy as a kid. I was so addicted to it back then!


A Pokemon Date

There were a lot of Pokemon players gathering near the Pokestops and hanging out with their ‘phones’.  I guess it’s so addictive because it’s a location-based augmented reality game which encourages you to move around and explore your neighbourhoods in order to catch more Pokemon monsters. It has definitely got a lot of those gamers and geeks to get out into the streets. It is quite a phenomenon here in Singapore.


We decided to explore the older sites of Singapore and hunt for good food.

The Entertainer app brought us to Yummy Viet, a simple restaurant that serves Vietnamese food. It was highly recommended by a friend and boy, it tasted authentic and I love their pho noodles! It’s one of the better Vietnamese restaurants around in Singapore that serves the REAL vietnamese food.


Sam ordered Bun Bo Hue, a spicy beef noodles while I chose Chicken pho which has a much lighter broth.

With the Entertainer’s 1-for-1 deal, we actually just paid $10 in total for our meals. It’s so worth it.


Later on, we walked over to Smith Street for some Bingsu at BiBing 비빙. We walked past this Bingsu cafe a month back and saw that there were alot of people in the cafe so we figured that their Bingsu must be really good. It turned out to be the case. We ordered their Mango Cheese bingsu and it was all good. We were so satisfied after eating it as our desserts.


Sam said that we should go on a Bingsu hunt to find the best bingsu in town. We could totally do that if not for the fact that I still got to watch my diet.


Look at this yellow monster below with chunks of mango cheese cubes, snowflakes and ice cream. I just wished that they added more fresh mango chunks in it. But the snowy ice flakes were so heavenly. This is the best dessert ever – better than ice cream.

Singapore has turned into this lovely playground for dates now with all these Pokemon monsters around. A good date comprises of interesting places, yummy food, delectable desserts and a good-hearted man who shares the same values and beliefs as you do.

God is good. 


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