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Artemis : Dining At The Rooftop

One thing that most food bloggers often missed out is describing the ambience, service and overall experience while dining. Their focus is mainly on how great or average the food taste and what are the hits and misses. But they often fail to realise that other than the food, the ambience and company plays a great deal is shaping up this whole dining experience. Experience is usually what I go for and I write about. When you pay for a meal, you are paying for everything that is around you too. Unless, you are talking about hawker food.
Last Friday, I had a spectacular food with a gorgeous view of Singapore and some great company at Artemis. This fine restaurant, which is nestled close to the clouds, showcases Mediterranean’s rich culinary heritage with the freshest organic produce.

What’s more important is that this restaurant feeds their customers with sustainably sourced seafood and organic vegetables sourced from local farms. This is what conscious living is all about. Not only the ingredients are of a higher quality but they are also handpicked carefully by the head chef to ensure it’s fresh and healthy for our bodies.

Eunice and I had some drinks before dinner as we enjoy the view of Singapore’s Central Business District at the 44th floor of CapitaGreen building. You could be seated right outside which is also connected to the sky garden or inside which you could also get a good view of Singapore. It’s really lovely to just unwind and get some drinks at the bar while you chill out with your friends after work. The restaurant and bar get really packed by the time the sky turns dark so do drop by earlier if you can! Their bar has a broad portfolio of wine, cocktails and craft beers. 

The outdoor dining area has a bar and this tree has the centre piece. It really goes with sky forest theme. And the vibe here is pretty chill, mostly filled with expatriates and those who are probably working in the CBD area.

By the time it hits 7, there’s already a crowd and the seats outdoor filled up really fast. 

Check out the chic and modern interior!


I love how it made use of the natural lighting to make the restaurant more airy and spacious.

They have a library of wines which is so pretty impressive. You would even need a ladder to grab those hard-to-reach wine bottles. This makes a fun playground for wine lovers or connoisseurs to savour various types of wines.

Their main menu features the raw bar, charcuterie, appetisers, grilled dishes, from the range and some side dishes. We tried quite a lot of dishes that evening.


For starters, they served warm bread with the finest olive oil ( I’ve ever tasted) together with Dukkah, an Egyptian dip for bread. It’s actually a mix of herbs and spices like pepper, cumin, sesame and coriander. Eunice and I love the intense and aromatic flavour of the Dukkah. Maybe it’s our Asian taste buds that are well-acquainted to the taste of spices.

The full-bodied olive oil served with Dukkah is something I haven’t tasted before. It’s so rich and intense in flavour that I am starting to reminisce the flavour of oil as I’m writing this post. 


The servings here aren’t too big so you can order a few to share.  I also find the menu pretty helpful as it labels which are vegetarian-friendly and which are the gluten-free ones.


Feta, Ricotta, Asparagus, Broccolini, Carrot Purée (vegetarian)

This is a beautifully-crafted dish that looks very appealing and appetising. It’s a good combination of tortellini with the sweet creamy carrot purée and fresh crunchy vegetables. The tortellini reminded me of the Chinese dumplings which are stuffed with meat but there, it’s stuffed with feta cheese. 
It’s one of my favourite dishes here.
Sweet Potato & Yukon Crisps 
For all your beef lovers out there, you will enjoy this cold appetiser with some chips. I would prefer it to be more cooked, though.
Lemon Zest, Almond, Tarragon, Spicy Aioli (vegetarian)
This is another creative dish from the kitchen which uses purple cauliflower as the main ingredients and coats the cauliflower with a crispy layer. Vegetarians would love this.

Wild Cherries, Red Wine, Bacon

This dish had got Eunice swooning over it non-stop. The red wine reduction and truffles made it such a flavourful dish. It’s a nice balance with the addition of the wild cherries to add some sweetness to the chicken liver. This is most certainly a must-try dish even if you are not a fan of chicken liver.

Eaten real truffles before?

Cremini, King Oyster, Button & Shiitake Mushroom Taleggio, Brie (vegetarian)

It looks really like a mushroom where the flaky pastry layers act like the cap of the mushroom. It is certainly more extravagant than your regular mushroom pie but I would have preferred the pastry crust layer to be thicker and flakier. It would have been really nice if it was a bowl of mushroom soup instead.

Confit Cherry Tomato, Preserved Lemon Pickled Padron Peppers

Before we head for some desserts, we ordered the Chargrilled Spanish Octopus which is one of their signature dishes. Their seafood is so fresh and succulent. You will never go wrong with this.


Vanilla Ice Cream, Apricot Compote Walnut Crème Anglaise

Be prepared to wait a little longer for desserts to arrive especially when the kitchen is busy. It would be best to order earlier. But it is totally worth the wait especially for this souffle that melts literally in your mouth. If you have to order a dessert, I would recommend you to go for this souffle. The apricot and lavender souffle is well-made and don’t forget to pour in the almond sauce! Watch the video below to see how it is being served.
Gariguette Strawberries, White & Red Raspberries Hibiscus Poached Jyona Apple, Milk Ice Cream
If you want to go for something light, you can try this spring berries which has real fruit chunks in it. This is for the health-conscious individuals out there.
Do watch the video below. Pardon the numerous ‘wow’s we made because we hardly dine at such a fine restaurant.

CapitaGreen Rooftop
Level 40, 138 Market Street
Singapore 048946
Tel: +65 6635 8677
Monday to Friday 11:30am to late
Saturday 6:00pm to late
Artemis is closed for lunch on Tue 9/8 but opens for dinner from 6.00pm

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