BeautyMaker Comes to Singapore!

BeautyMaker, Taiwan’s leading cosmetics brand, has finally launched in Singapore. They are also here together with BeautyMaker’s co-founder, Kevin Chou, who is also widely known as Kevin 老师 (laoshi) on 女人我最大, a popular Taiwanese beauty programme on television. It’s my first time meeting him in person here at the Press conference and he was here last Friday to introduce BeautyMaker cosmetics, which he proudly claim as his ‘baby’.
A collection of limited edition BeautyMaker products that feature its 10th-anniversary theme and a new product – Bye Bye Oil pact will also debut this week. And today at this press conference, he hosted a live demonstration session where he demonstrated many useful beauty tips and makeup techniques. He is the guru of makeup and skincare. It’s almost like watching another episode of 女人我最大 with him teaching women on how to glam up. 
BeautyMaker also turns 10 this year and to celebrate this milestone, they have collaborated with renowned illustrator Sweet House to create a special theme using the magic dreamland of KerKer. Thus, you will find the cute animated designs of KerKer that are found on the covers of the BeautyMaker’s star product, the Matter Cushion Foundation.
This isn’t an ordinary matte cushion foundation like the ones produced by other well-known Korean beauty brands. Beauty Maker’s Matter Cushion Foundation uses an innovative anti-bacterial stainless steel to make the 32-hole intelligent touchpad so as to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the foundation. It is more hygienic this way as it prevents contamination and the growth of bacteria. Imagine how much bacteria gets transferred into the wet sponge when you dip your compact sponge into it. 
The 8-in-1 Matte Cushion foundation has moisturising, oil-control, conceal, long lasting, tightening, conditioning, soothing and astringent effects. This foundation is suited for Singapore’s hot and humid weather as well as for those with oily skin. 
The newest addition to their range of products is the Bye Bye Oil Pact. It is made up of delicate 360 degrees soft-focus powder particles which have a light scattering effect, giving a matte finish that conceals pores and evens out skin tone. It is formulated to combat oil and shine for a fresh look and it can be applied after foundation. 
It consists of 7 different fruit essences to achieve maximum oil control. Combining the essences of apple, kiwi, pineapple. peach, grapes, cherries and strawberries, they have developed a formula that prevents makeup from melting so quickly under heat. I guess that they have cleverly use the essences of nature to boost its product efficacy!
It was kind of exciting to be attending the press conference where we get to have an up close and personal session with Kevin Chou.
To dispense the foundation from the matte cushion pact, you will need to gently push the stainless steel touchpad downwards. How cool is that!
Even before the press conference has started, I have already heard about good reviews of their products from the lady seated beside me. I just can’t wait to try them out at home! Yes, we are given a set of beauty products to try at home and do look out for my review of their products!

The model’s skin was also glowing after he uses Beauty Maker’s foundation brush to apply the matte cushion foundation across the skin. Kevin explained that you can also swipe the foundation across the face in light strokes during application. Traditional matte cushion requires you to pat the product gently onto the skin but it doesn’t produce an even coverage and sometimes you might forget which are the areas which have been already covered. But when you swipe the foundation across your face in light strokes, you can ensure that the product is applied evenly across the face. It’s even better if you can use their foundation brush which gives you more control and precision when applying foundation.


While he was demonstrating, I decided to test out the product on the back of my hand.


True enough, the moment the product spreads out on the skin, you will feel this refreshing and cooling sensation on your skin because the product contains peppermint extract. When all the product is even out onto the skin, it has this matte finish and it has the texture of a smooth compact powder. It’s as if you have just applied a layer of compact powder on your face but this time, it adheres closely to the skin.


It isn’t like BB cream which can sometimes feel somewhat tacky on the skin and under hot weather, the makeup can actually melt which is why I stopped using the BB matte cushion. This formula of matte cushion foundation by BeautyMaker is a better option for me after I tested it yesterday. It doesn’t melt with heat and it helps to keep my skin looking fresh. More importantly, it doesn’t oxidise after hours and the colour still retains.


It really produces this nice and smooth finishing.


I am also liking this Bye Bye Oil compact which is very light and doesn’t make your face appears white like a ghost. The powder particles are really fine and it just gives you that overall matte look. I use this matte powder as a powder to conceal the foundation. This product is pretty amazing! It just doubles the efficacy of the matte cushion foundation when it is used together.


Have you guys tried it? Let me know what you think about these products and leave your comment in the box below. 
BeautyMaker products are now available at selected Watsons stores including Ngee Ann City, Bugis Junction, Suntec City and Jurong Point. This will be followed by Compass One and JEM at the end of the month. BeautyMaker products are also sold online at

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