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Eggs For Breakfast @ Swensens

Swensen’s is back with something sizzling hot for breakfast with their new menu offerings – Salted Egg Lava Rolls ($10.80)  and Chicken N Waffle ($13.90). I am telling you that the salted egg craze hasn’t stopped.
Thankfully, their version of a salted Egg Lava rolls isn’t as tasteless as McDonald’s Salted Egg York burgers. Their version consisted of charcoal bread rolls with oozing salted egg butter cream served with buttered potatoes and cheesy sausages. The charcoal bread has a crispy layer and it pairs very well with the salted egg butter cream which as a stronger butter taste. It’s tasted almost similar to Liu Sha Bao or Salted Egg York Buns which are served in Chinese Dim Sum Restaurants. 
The filling is just nice – not too little or too much for my liking. I also like it that it is warm. As for the other sides like the potatoes and sausages, it’s just mediocre. 
The other salted egg york dish is their Salted Egg York Toast is basically French toast paired with salted egg york buttercream. It’s not too bad as well except that maybe a little honey or maple syrup would make this dish even more appetizing.
Since the portion sizes are quite small, we ordered more dishes. It isn’t a brunch place when you don’t have egg benedict’s in the house. Cheers to Swensen’s for their Egg Benedict’s with Salmon and mushroom cream sauce. It was alright as well though it would be really nice if there have served something else as a side.
Their eggs were cooked to perfection – runny egg yolks that oozes out upon tempering the eggs with a fork.
We also ordered the omelette with buttered toast. The toasted buns have so much melted butter in it. It’s nice but it can be really overwhelming with so much melted butter in it.
The omelette was alright too but the only reason that it isn’t as stellar is probably because it is served quite cold and not hot like it is served right out of the pan.
On top of that, you received a complimentary drink (tea or coffee) for each main course ordered. This breakfast menu is available on Weekends and public holiday. 

It’s an applaudable attempt by Swensen’s incorporate the cafe dining concept into their menu but definitely, more creative work is needed to present a unique main dish that would send people coming for more. Who says you have to follow the trends?


6 Raffles Boulevard, #01-206/207,
Marina Square
Opening hours:
[Weekdays] 10.30am-10.30pm
[Weekends & PH] 8am-10.30pm
Tel: 6338 7256

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