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I’ve always wanted to try out Elemen after my friend Xue Ying has highly raved about this restaurant which serves really good vegetarian food. My blessed day came when Xue Ying invited me for lunch over at Elemens which is located at Millenia Walk.

The concept is pretty much similar to Sufood, which I’ve also dined there not too long ago but tastewise, I prefer the food here at Elemen which is more suited to our local Singaporean tastebuds. However, portion-wise, Sufood serves more generous portions as compared to Elemen. But then again, I was super full after completing all the courses before the main course at Sufood.

It was a weekend so we can only choose from the 8-course menu which cost around $32.90 ++ per person which is quite a good deal. It’s definitely way more affordable than other fine dining restaurants.


It can be quite pack on weekends so be sure to book before coming over.  You can conveniently book your dishes through their iPads.


For starters, there’s the nice and warm breadsticks served with raspberry yoghurt sauce. The Elemen appetizer was really nice and refreshing.  And you would have to eat it in a certain order so it doesn’t confuse your palates, I guess.


For salads, I ordered avocado salad with BBQ sauce.  It’s too not bad and the portion is just about right.


I really like the double-boiled burdock roots with monk fruit soup. It’s has this light chinese herbal soup taste which I find it homely. They also serve a shot of fruit vinegar which is to be drank after the soup to cleanse the palate.


Here comes the main course which I am really glad that I ordered it! It’s their new sizzling quinoa brown rice served in a hot stone pot. It’s VERY YUMMEY.



Xue Ying ordered her favourite tempura tofu with avocado roll which is really a nice main course option too. The food here is quite impressive I must say!


As for the desserts, there isn’t much to choose from and their servings are really small. I had the  snow osmanthus with grassjelly.  But I guess after completing the 8 course,  I felt full but not too the extend that my pants were about to burst. Perhaps, the portion sizes here are just nice for me.


The ambience here is great too but I felt that it is more like a casual dining here as the dishes were served really quickly and the plates were clearly very fast too. I wouldn’t really call it fine dining per se but the good was good.

Watcth the video of my visit to Elemen!

9 Raffles Boulevard#01-75A/76 Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

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