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Green Living 2016 : Free Green Workshops for all!

My favourite Green event is back for the second year running! Last year’s event was pretty cool where we get to see how businesses practise upcycling. This year is going to be quite exciting with the free workshops made available to the public. 
The annual eco lifestyle event, Green Living, will be held from 9 to 11 September 2016 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. Themed Cities of Love, Green Living is the first sustainable lifestyle event that educates and encourages both individuals and businesses to embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle. It’s also pretty what my blog is all about too. The theme of the event is based on the book Cities of Love, authored by Mr. Tai Lee Siang and Ms. Valerie Ang.

Green Living will be showcasing over 100 brands of eco-friendly products covering Smart Mobility, Health & Wellness, Urban Farming, Green Home, Green Food, Smart Home and much more. Through this event, you will get to learn simple green practices to incorporate into their current lifestyle.

Here’s a list of workshops to check out!

1) Terrarium making workshops by Ecoponics ($33 per pax, $55 for 2 pax)

2) Speed oiling by Precious Oilers (FREE) 
3) Toxic-Free Lotions & Potions For Women & Kids by Precious Oilers (FREE)
4) Freshen up with Simple Homemade Toiletries by Precious Oilers (FREE)

5) SuperEating for the Whole family conducted by Balanced Living

6) Informative workshops such as keeping your home chemical free by Precious Oilers Energizing 
7) “Energize” Yoga class by Strala’s founder, Tara Stiles (FREE)

8) Green Beauty Workshop by Ayelli (FREE)
9) Make Your Own Organic Beauty Products by Ayelli ($30 per pax) 
10) Organic Beauty Routine by Ayelli (FREE)
11) Natural Beauty Oil workshop by Balm Kitchen (FREE)
12) Lip care workshop by Balm Kitchen(FREE)
13) Mindfulness workshop by Mindful Moments (FREE) 
14) Power of Visualization in Yoga Practice by Your Presence Heals (FREE)
15) Science of Breath by Your Presence Heals (FREE)

Remember to sign up for the workshop!
For more information on all workshops, visit this link: 
or visit

Green Living 2016 
Date: 9 – 11 September 2016
Day: Friday – Sunday
Time: 10am – 7pm
Venue: Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre
(Although the event is free, it is best to register to secure a space for yourself. Click here to sign up for it! )

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