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I’ve realised how much I’ve missed doing group yoga classes until I return to the mat and felt that connection with my body, soul and mind once again. I haven’t been practising yoga on a regular basis for a year and my body generally felt different. I had to get my sense knocked out to realise the immense benefits of practising yoga regularly. The moment you keep stretching, toning and enjoying each yoga pose, the greater control you have in getting your body to obey you. There is a reason why people says yoga is a stress-reliever and a calming activity. It’s not difficult to see how yoga empowers you to have a deeper understanding your own body and learning how to make your body obey you. It’s simply having your mind to tell your body this, ‘ Be in the moment and just do what I tell you to do. Don’t think of anything else.’  Hence, let’s do the Om chant together.
Keep calm. Practise yoga.
I wanted to start afresh and practise yoga like how I use to challenge myself in perfecting each pose and giving my organs and intestine a good workout as I get into those twisting poses. But I am not up for competitive yoga to learn how to master the advanced yoga poses. I just merely want to practise yoga at my own pace and get stronger every day.
With so many yoga studios blooming around Singapore like flowers, it is more convenient to find a suitable yoga studio in the neighbourhoods and I am glad to have discovered Platinum Yoga just is located in the west right at Westgate Tower, next to Jurong East MRT. For a westie, this is great news as most yoga studios tend to concentrate in the centre or east side of Singapore.
Albeit, it’s a small yoga studio, I like that it is tucked cosily away from the hustle and bustle. No, it’s not hidden in some secluded forested areas but it’s located on right on the rooftop of Westgate Tower, very much closer to the blue sky and fluffy clouds. I have to say that it is such a conducive and peaceful place to practise yoga. It’s great to be closer to the Heavens, isn’t it?
I had my first yoga lesson thus far and I can totally see myself coming back for more sessions and settling down here to continue with my yoga practice. I guess it makes it easier when it’s cosy and it’s pretty near where I live.
There is only one studio but it’s quite spacious and can fit many yogis. As long as the studio is well-lit, you won’t have that cram or claustrophobic feel. The only qualms I had would probably be the changing room which can be somewhat quite packed during peak hours and you have ladies walking in and out. However, lockers are sufficient and there are about 6 shower rooms with basic toiletries provided.
It’s always good to begin something with an end in mind. We don’t need equipment or machines to keep ourselves fit when we can actually exercise using our own body weight to gain strength. With yoga, you will not only gain strength but also flexibility and agility. In a sense, it’s more eco-friendly to practise yoga because you don’t need to use any electricity to power up any machines. So my goal is to really get people to start loving and practising yoga on their own or with a group. Imagine if the world practises yoga? It would be all about love and less of hatred because yoga also teaches us about the philosophy of life.
Want to hop on this bandwagon? I am thankful that Platinum Yoga has extended their goodwill by giving you readers this special promotion where you get to enjoy 1 month of unlimited yoga at $51* only when you quote my name ‘DEENISE‘. It’s a good deal!
Terms & Conditions Apply
1) Valid for first time visitors aged 21 years and above only.
2) Valid for local residents or expatriates residing in Singapore only.
3) An appointment must be made in advance for the first visit which must be accompanied by a Platinum Yoga Consultant.
4) Not valid with any other offer. Other terms and conditions may apply.
5) This promotion ends on 31 August 2016.
Getting There
To head over to Platinum Yoga from Jurong East MRT is easy. From the MRT, walk over to Westgate via the extension (level 2) and walk straight all the way till you see Singapore Post Office. From there, you will see a poster that leads you towards to Westgate Office Tower where Platinum Yoga is located at.
When you walk further up, you will have to check in at the security counter to exchange for a pass. The yoga studio is located at level 26, which is the roof top level and to get access to the Roof Top, you can only take lift 6 or 9 which are the lifts right towards the end.
Once you head up, welcome to the top of the world. I don’t think is a yoga studio in Singapore which is located at such a high floor!
And if you do see me in class, feel free to smile and chip in a ‘hello’! I won’t bite, I promise.

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