Singapore Night Festival 2016


Singapore Night Festival 2016 has come to an end yesterday with all the hippies, art lovers and families decking out late at night to watch performances and view spectacular exhibits which are one of a kind. The Night Festival has been running for several years in a row but this is my first time participating in this event and I was there both weekends.

It was really a time to gather everyone to view and appreciate art together in various form – from stage performances, outdoor music events to exhibits and stores selling handicraft. The thing is Singaporeans are generally interested in the arts and the best part is that we have a pool of talent here to spruce up our art and music scene.

Since it was free admission to most of the external performances and exhibits, we were packed like sardines but it is okay because the crowd was friendly – consisting mainly of youths and young adults.


On the first night, we hung out at Bras Basah district to check out the festival village near the performance stage where they invited several local indie bands and musicians to perform. People get themselves cosy by buying some finger food and beer while lazing on the beanies and hammocks, listening to some great music. Some who were more serious about food while caught holding cups of beer while seated on the wooden planks with their mates.

We had coconut soft-serve, cheese fries and salted egg crab buns that evening and yes, the food was amazing. After filling our tummies, we walked towards Armenian Street in search for Sam’s friend’s art sculpture at Armenian Church. Along the way, we saw The Wheel House performance by Acrojou from the United Kingdom. It’s a rolling acrobatic show which showcases the circular home of a couple who is constantly travelling on the road.


It was so cool watching them wheeling their ‘house’ with their synchronised movements.


We found a Pokemon stop while exploring the vicinity!


We found Sam’s friend who is called Jonathan and his art installation called Samara. It was done by Max Pagel and Jonathan Hwang.


We walked into Peranakan museum for a bit before coming out to watch the stunning Parkour Performance




We headed back to the Festival village for some drinks and discovered that there were more food stalls selling some really cool stuff!


On our second weekend, we decided to check out Food For Thought at 8Q SAM which is closing down soon. It was mentioned that they would be featuring their greatest hits in the menu but to our disappointment, there isn’t much on the menu so we decided to just get a side and a drink.


The waitress recommended this best selling drink called the Earl Grey Milkshake but we didn’t really find it fantastic. It was just a regular milkshake which has an earl grey flavour.


At about 8 am, we caught the light display titled ‘Journey’ by award-winning creative studio NOVAK from the United Kingdom. It made our Singapore Art Museum came alive at night.


I guess the unexpected highlight of Singapore Night Festival is the light installation titled Shower Thoughts at National Design Centre. The queue was almost an hour long!


The LiteWerkz team of 9 sophomore year students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design were behind this light installation called Shower Thoughts. It invites you to experience the eureka and inspiring moments whenever you enter the shower.

We were brought into this room of dazzling lights to enjoy this sensorial experience while soothing music played along in the background. Is this worth the wait? Yes, it is! We waited in the queue for more than an hour before we finally got to step into the box for a ‘shower’.


It reminded me of the light installation at ArtScience museum and I’m pretty sure that there’s more of such light installations to come.


I glad to share these photos with you but remember to credit my blog name if you are using these photographs which I know some of you would!


What an inspiring night! And it’s really cool to know that the art scene in Singapore is surviving and alive. I can’t wait for Singapore Night Festival 2017!

Remember to watch my vlogs on both nights right below!

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