The Art of Skin Refinement


I am glad to be back at Porcelain, The Face Spa after I did the cryotherapy facial there two years ago. I also like their own range of skincare products which are paraben-free, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. I have always wanted to try their award-winning bespoke facial, the Quintessential Facial but I never had the opportunity to try it back then.

 To really understand a beauty salon or boutique’s philosophy in skin and beauty, you have to start by trying out their signature facial treatments. From there, you can tell if their values,  beliefs as well as practices in skin care can help you in achieving your skin care goals. Because in today’s concept of beauty, it isn’t just about treating acne but it’s about achieving what your definition of good skin. To me, a good skin is acne-free and looks even. To others, a good skin could mean fresh-looking dewy skin which looks moist. Here at Porcelain, they focus on refining your skin, zeroing on your pores and targeting at the skin flaws in order to bring out the best of your skin type.

You can never change your skin type but you can master the know-hows or get help from beauty salons or aesthetic centers to help you manage your own skin. My skin has turned very oily these days with the warm climate and possibly stress that has led to my skin looking very congested with comedones. It’s timely that I get to try out their Quintessential facial to reverse my current skin condition.


I went to Porcelain, The Face Spa which is located at Cantonment Road, opposite Outram MRT station. Their other outlet, Porcelain Aesthetics is at Orchard Gateway. The Quintessential facial is only available at Porcelain, The Face Spa.


I was there 30 minutes before my appointment so they asked me if I would like to get my foot bath while waiting and of course, I agreed. That’s an extra cookie for great customer services. Not forgetting that they drop emails and Whatsapp messages reminders a few days before your appointment.


They have an assigned area where you can get feet soaked in a salt bath while waiting. At least, you can wind down, read magazines and sip some tea before going for your facial.


At around 4pm, they promptly brought me to my treatment room which is found on the second floor.


I like that they already have a tray of contact lens solution and contact lens case just in case you might want to remove your contact lenses during the treatment. Sometimes, I have to ask for such items when I am doing facials elsewhere but here, everything you need is pretty much already provided.


Want to see how congested my skin looks? From far, you will probably think that my skin looks alright till you have a closer look at it. All the nasty stuff are embedded under my skin. To be very honest, I thought this problem was solved sometime last year in December but it just keeps coming back again this year. To keep things really minimal, I hardly use makeup and use only gel moisturizer and sunscreen on a daily basis. It may well be due to hormonal imbalance but I really hope things would get better.


The Quintessential facial focuses mainly on extraction. It’s a 2 hour and a half treatment but most of the time is spent on extraction. The facial starts off with double cleansing and followed by gentle exfoliation.

Those white stuff you see on my face as all the dead skin cells in it. The accumulation of dead skin cells on the skin could also lead to clogged pores when it is not properly removed.


Needless to say, the extraction process was the most uncomfortable part of the facial. But the therapist was careful during the extraction, prickling on the surface layer of my skin carefully to squeeze out the blackheads.

I’ve been through such thorough facial extraction previously but this time, it wasn’t as painful as before even though I do occasionally squeak when the pain becomes unbearable. I just hope that I never had to go through this again!


After extraction, the therapist used this machine to shine infra-red line and blue light on my skin to soothe the skin and for anti-bacterial purposes. It’s good that they included this step which to help the skin to recover.


Soon after, it’s the last step which is the application of mask for acne-prone skin. I totally needed that after extraction.


This is how my skin looks like after a facial. My skin was covered with a thin layer of tinted sunscreen so the redness isn’t that obvious.


After facial, I was informed that I would drop by at their vanity corner to do some touch ups or tidy up my hair using the hair products which are provided.


I was delighted to know that they provided me with some aftercare products as my skin rejuvenates and heals over the next couple of days.

I would say that the wounds on my face healed pretty quickly though my skin still looks like it’s been poked a hundred times by needles on the second day. By the fourth day, everything has almost cleared up. On the fifth day, my skin has healed but I noticed that the there are still some tiny bumps on my skin which might have erupted due to the detox effect. But at least, my skin looks less congested as before. It does seem that I have to go through a few more thorough treatments to regain a healthy-looking skin.
The quintessential facial is part of their classic collection of facial treatments. They do have a recommended treatment programme for most skin conditions.The Classic Collection starts off with an OxyRevive Facial that works to thoroughly remove dead skin cells. This facial also involves the use of vitaminized oxygen spray to improve cell regeneration for a radiant, brightened skin. Following this is Porcelain’s award-winning bespoke extraction Quintessential Facial designed for congested and acne-prone skin. During the healing process, they would recommend the Pick Me Up Facial to facilitate the healing process. If you would like to give their facials a try, do visit their website for more information or pick up the phone and arrange for an appointment.
Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best for my skin.
15 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089739
Appointment Hotline: (65) 6227 9692 / SMS (65) 97211008

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