The Company of Cats: Dining with the Cats


Cafes are great places for people to meet together and bond over some good meal and drinks. But it’s even better when they are furry animals around to play with.

I spent almost the whole afternoon with Sam playing furry ball with 11 cats over great food and coffee. If you are looking for an interesting cafe to dine, be sure to check out The Company of Cats where you can savour to some Instagram-worthy Cappuccinos that come with cat latte-art.



Artisan coffee with adorable cat latte-art!


These cats are everywhere…

There are currently 11 cats dwelling in this cosy and clean space. They are all adopted and now they are leading a new chapter in their life, with us. These cats are great companions and playing with them does takes your mind off things. Heard of cat therapy? Playing with these furry animals have medical benefits in healing and it is also a great form of relaxation as you bond with these cats.


There is also a basket full of toys for the cats to play with. Sam and I had a great time luring the cats with the toys and playing those feline catching games with them.


The setting is warm and cosy with plenty of seating area and cushions. It feels just like home.


That’s Skippy who spent most of its time cuddling with Totoro.


That’s Elliot trying to guard our food from any pests.

Or… is he just hungry?


We had Japanese sesame noodles and pasta for a late lunch after partying with the cats.


Be sure to try their Japanese Sesame noodles which are served cold but it tasted very refreshing, almost like a noodle salad.


Their homemade Key lime Cheesecake in a jar is a must-try too! It’s very creamy and light but not overly too sweet.

Good news! You will receive a 10 percent discount during their birthday month of August!

The Company of Cats holds an eclectic assortment of arts-related events, including poetry sessions, book readings and of course its trademark Monthly Mewsic Series, featuring some of Singapore’s best up-and-coming musical talents. The Mewsic nights are pretty popular!

Don’t forget to watch our video for all the Meow business that has happened that day.

The Company of Cats Pte Ltd 
6B Mosque Street
Singapore 059486
Tel: +65 6220 3835
Instagram: thecompanyofcats

The Company of Cats is located at 6B Mosque Street. Entrance fees are priced at $14 for the first hour, which includes a free drink. Weekday rates from Tuesday to Friday, 12noon to 4pm are $10/first-hour while the Wednesday Date Night (4pm to 10pm) promotions allow the second person to enter at 50 percent off.

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