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The Ice-Cream Challenge @ New Zealand Natural Cafe

Have you watched my recent video on my channel, Deenise Glitz? I have collaborated with New Zealand Natural to do this ice cream challenge with Sam. I fell in love with their ice creams when I first tasted it. It’s made with fresh milk obtained from free range cows and the ingredients they used for flavouring are natural. I also like that it is not too sweet but true to its taste. It’s one of the best premium ice creams around!
In the video, we tasted about 8 different flavours of ice cream and some of these flavours are available in the supermarket so do check them out. My favourite flavour is their Go Go Green which has kale in it and their Mango sorbet which is dairy-free so it is great for vegans!
After an hour of shooting, we settled down for lunch at their cafe in NEX shopping mall. I tried their Mushroom Aglio Olio pasta while Sam had their fish and chips. I must say that the food is not bad for a cafe that specializes in ice creams. 
This piping hot mushroom Aglio olio was really good! I like that it is so flavourful but the garlic flavour might be somewhat too strong and it does stink my mouth for the whole day.
The fish and chips, on the other hand, was not too bad, not very stellar but delicious. We also had some freshly-brewed iced lemon tea! 
Many thanks to New Zealand Natural Singapore for allowing us to shoot the video! 

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