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The Only Tangible Thing

I had the sudden urge to reorganize my vanity drawers and cupboards after tidying up my bedroom and changing bedsheets. I’ve been so particular about keeping things neat and tidy ever since my bedroom went through a makeover. When the room looks organized and proper, it brings about this fresh vibe that makes me more at peace with myself. Have you ever felt that way before?
I developed this habit of clearing items from my Mum and enjoying clearing out stuff which I didn’t need. Either I gave away my items to others or I sell it on Carousell. And as I was packing and tossing out stuff which I didn’t need, it suddenly dawns upon me that I was privileged and that I was already blessed by our Heavenly Father even years before I was a non-believer or when I backslid. I already possess more than what I need.
Through the years as a blogger, I have received so many beauty products for reviews that I rarely visit the drugstore or skincare shops just to stock up on beauty products. The price has already been paid with hours of writing, drafting blog posts and replying emails. I wouldn’t say I was lucky but I just felt blessed that I have already been provided with what I need.
It also made me realized that how much I don’t really need a lot of things which I’ve bought or were given to me as gifts. All I need is one toner, one serum, one moisturizer and one sunblock. I don’t need many decorative items in my room to make it look nice. I don’t need a rack full of clothes just so that I can look trendy and beautiful. I don’t need different shades of eyeshadow or blusher knowing that only a few colours would suit me best. All I need is my favourites and the rest would suit others better.
I guess you can call that minimalist sort of thinking where you just live life minimally with the basics. Suddenly, I wanted so much of that and dislike owning so many items which are left untouched, collecting dust in one corner. Those items are things I wouldn’t keep for long. Not clothes, jewellery,watches or any other valuable items. However, I only think I feel that it is worth keeping are photographs.
As I was sorting out my cupboard loaded with photos, I started to reminisce the past. Somehow photos have this magical power of bringing you back to your past. Now, these tangible stuff are priceless and I would love to keep it forever.
After packing late into the night, I felt this urge to share my golden nugget thought with the love of my life, telling him that I would love to create more memories with him and store those blissful moments in a form of a photograph or video. I told him that I no longer fancy gifts from him. Let the wooden watch be his one and only birthday gift for me. Dinners, movies, vacations, and visits to attractions could all be encapsulated and recorded in a form of images which I can keep forever.
I am greatly blessed and highly favoured by The One.


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