5 Essential Organic Make Up Products for a Natural Look


I have a love-hate relationship with makeup for the longest time ever. As a teen, you find it fun to doll yourself up but later you also learn how makeup can actually clogged up your pores especially when the invention of BB cream. Ever since I started having breakouts, I didn’t dare to put much makeup on my skin, fearing that I have to go through another round of painful extraction during the facial. Yes, my life was pretty dull.

I only started to venture into this world of cosmetics again when I started to understand more about my skin type and gradually being able to manage my skin better. It was also the time that I started my eco-conscious lifestyle, switching from the usual drugstore brands to organic or natural skincare products. Eventually I made the bold decision to toss away some of those high-end makeup products and started looking for organic makeup. There aren’t many organic makeup brands in the past but today, due to the demand for such natural makeup, I can easily find such cosmetics in the makeup. However, some are not entirely natural and still contains a long list of ingredients that can be a mouthful if you read it out. My belief that if it is natural and uses organic ingredients, the ingredient list shouldn’t be that lengthy. If one day, we could use the natural colours from the earth produce such as fruits and vegetables to make cosmetics, that would be perfect.
I started looking for organic cosmetic brands available in Singapore and that’s when I discovered Reflections. It’s great that you don’t have to venture further beyond our shores just to get high quality organic cosmetics when it’s already available right here in Singapore! Reflections is a homegrown brand of natural mineral make up products that are made with organic ingredients. Their products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. All ingredients used are stated on the product itself and it is an applaudable effort made here to make the ingredients lists make known to everyone.
They believe in creating cosmetics out of things which are edible – coconut, cocoa, mango – because what is applied unto our skin gets absorbed into our body. Ultimately, these products gets washed into rivers and seas, entering our eco-systems. The worst scenario is to witness inedible artificial chemicals gets ingested by marine life and land animals which eventually enters our body and caused a series of illnesses which we have to struggle with. It is this simple truth and belief that reminds me to be conscious about the choices I made as a consumer. In a way, it’s almost a responsibility we have to uphold just because we own this earth and it’s our home. Girl, time to relook into what makeup you’ve been using!
I haven’t tried any organic makeup brands before prior to using the 5 makeup products which I got from Reflections. I wasn’t too sure if it would also clog my skin in one way or another but safe to say, it didn’t cause any breakouts or irritations on my skin. In fact, it doesn’t turn cakey under humid conditions and even when your skin gets oily. I would say that it is perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather. 
I choose the 5 makeup products by Reflections because I felt that these are the basic products which I needed for a light makeup look. I was inspired by the Japanese to go minimalistic so I like to own just a few things essential things which I need. 
Here are the 5 makeup products I chose:

1) Pressed Mineral Foundation in Perfection


The natural ingredients found in this pressed mineral powder have anti-inflammatory properties and it provides broad-spectrum sun protection. The compact powder comes with a thin sponge but I prefer using a foundation brush to apply the foundation on my skin.

I like to apply it with a foundation brush and though it doesn’t provide much coverage, the reflective minerals in the powder give your skin a nice and even glow.

I actually prefer pressed mineral foundation over liquid foundation because my skin has got really enlarged pores that clogged up very easily. But if you need more coverage, you can use a liquid foundation or concealer from Reflections too.

2) Mineral Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz


Moving on, I’m gonna put on the mineral eyeshadow by Reflections in the colour of Roze Quartz. It is actually a sheer pink colour that has this beautiful shimmer to it. It is stored in this container with this lock mechanism to prevent spillage. All you need to do it so twist it open and dip your eyeshadow brush in it. It is also more hygienic in the sense that all the eyeshadow powder is sealed up.

3) Pressed Mineral Blush in Cherry Blossom


This mineral blush in the shade of cherry blossom is very pigmented and all you need is a little product of it to add some colours to your cheeks. Like the eyeshadow, the blush blends out very easily into the skin. The colour really suits my fair skin tone too. I like to use some pressed foundation powder to blend out the blush colour into my cheeks so that it looks like my skin is looking radiant and pink from within.

4) Liquid Eyeliner in Black


Their liquid eyeliner has a smudge-proof formula and it so super concentrated so you can achieve that perfect winged eyeliner look. You can draw very precise fine lines with the brush is which a little stiff, unlike the usual eyeliner brush which has softer bristles. I wasn’t so used to the stiffness of the bristles at first but I guess it helps to give more precision and control when you are drawing really thin lines across your eyelids.

5) Lip Glaze in Rose Cream



You can skip the lip balm if you are using this lip glaze which is so buttery but yet not sticky. The formula is very nourishing on the lips and it does not feel uncomfortable on the lips. It consists of a blend of shea butter, coconut oil and infused with certified organic botanical extracts. My lips actually look fuller and plumped up after application. 

I am glad to say that I felt so much more at ease when I am using their series of organic makeup which can be easily removed from the skin and more importantly, it didn’t worsen my skin condition but provides me with the tools to enhance my features and doll myself up, bringing confidence in myself and the way I look. It’s so true that makeup can empower women to feel more confident about themselves but it would be even better if we are using products that also cares for our environment.

I’ve done up a makeup tutorial using only these 5 makeup essentials to do up a natural makeup look. Do check out the link below and subscribe to my channel!

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