5 Tips for SOULSCAPE 2016

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I’m excited for this annual outdoor yoga event which is happening in a month’s time! It would be my third time at Soulscape in this coming October where all yogis meet at one stop to learn, interact and make new connections with one other. This biggest yoga event of the year is held at Tanjong Beach Sentosa, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. And before you head over to Soulscape and let the soul be free, here’s a guide for you to prepare yourself for this event.
1. Get Yourself A Ticket

This year’s Soulscape is a ticketed event. You can opt for a full day pass where you get full access to most of the events and workshops happening at Soulscape or a VIP full day pass with added VIP privileges. But if you would just like to join in for the sunset yoga, you can opt for the Sunset pass at $49. There is also a special pass at a cheaper rate for kids too! Mummy yogis, rest assured that your kids will be entertained as you can go about doing yoga in peace. For more ticketing information, visit this link.

2. Things to Bring
Once you got your tickets, you can spend the rest of the time to practise more yoga and prepare your own Soulscape bag for this event. You might want to bring a bottle of water to hydrate yourself, some snacks, a towel, change of clothes, yoga mat, sunblock and a credit card. Although there aren’t any hydration points at the beach itself, there are drink booths and stalls around where you can purchase drinks like coconut water from Cocomax.


I do hope that they have a booth to hand out free mineral water like last year too! You can bring some snacks along but I recommend that you purchase a lunch box from Dosirak because their bibimbap is really awesome. There are also other food booths around where you can get a healthy acai bowl, some cold-pressed juices and other yogi food (you know what I mean, right?).

Source: Soulscape

Slap on lots of sunblocks too as it can get really hot but most of the yoga workshops are held under a tentage which is awesome because you can get some shelter from the hot sun.
I suggest bringing a simple tote bag too because you wouldn’t want to spend time emptying your Prada handbag just to get the sand out. Go green and carry a recyclable tote bag with you just to contain all your stuff.
3. Upload some cash to your event wristband

Source: Soulscape
They are going cashless this time round so the payments are made through the wristband where you can upload some cash into it. It also makes it a lot easier for us yogis without having to worry about the safety of our wallets and stuff since most of us would be spending the whole day there.
4. What to wear
Dress to your nines in your best yogi outfit as you would probably be taking a lot of pictures and posting them on Instagram! However, comfort is still a priority as you will be out in the hot weather for hours. I am praying that it wouldn’t rain, though!
Do wear slippers to the event too. I made the mistake of wearing shoes to Soulscape last year and I had a hard time trying to get all those sand off my shoes.
5. Plan Your Own Itinerary for the Day

Source: Soulscape

You might want to check out the schedule ahead of time and find out which workshop or events that interest you and go for it. Some of the highlights include Marc Bacheut’s Acroyoga workshop, cosmic sound vibes by Flame of the Forest and Rainbow Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls by Luke and Lishan. You also shouldn’t miss the sunset yoga which is led by Denise Keller which is the main highlight of this event!
Source: Soulscape
Take this special day to rest, relax and connect with the other like-minded souls! For more information, check out their website at
Watch this video by SOULSCAPE below to find out what drives my soulscape!

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