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Big, Loose and Shiny Curls


When it comes to dolling myself up, I always didn’t quite know what to do with my hair. Should I let it down or tie it up? Should I braid my hair? But what if it looks untidy?

Sometimes I just like to curl the ends of my hair inwards so that my hair looks neat and tidy yet stylish. But on bad hair days, it’s difficult to get my stubborn hair ends to curl inwards even with stylish products. The hair stylists would often use this round brush together with a hair dryer to blow out some big and loose curls at the ends of my hair. It always seemed to easy for them but when I do it myself, I always fumble with the brush and the most difficult part for me is to curl up the hair at the back of my head. Perhaps my hands aren’t nifty enough when it comes to hair styling?

I could use curling tongs but I didn’t like the smell some curlers give off when my hair is curled. My hair would smells like it is being fried or toasted in an oven. But if there’s a new innovation out there for curling hair, I would make it a point to try it. And guess what? There’s actually a hair tool that combines the round brush with the curler tongs. This is probably how BaByliss Big Hair comes about. It is a leading manufacturer of electrical personal care appliances from the UK.

When I was first asked to review this product, I had absolutely no idea how it would look like. My first impression of the tool is how bulky the tool is. I started thinking to myself whether this bulky gadget would even work because it just seems so much bigger than the usual curler tongs. But I am still glad that I give it a try because it is actually pretty cool.


The blue switch is the heat selector switch which allows you to control the heat settings. You can choose the ‘cool setting’, ‘medium heat setting’ or ‘high heat setting’. The heated air is actually blasted out through the gaps between the brush bristles.

Now, here’s the cool part of this gadget. The right and left black buttons right about the blue switch controls the direction of the rotation of the head brush itself. Yes, the rotation of the brush head is automated and that means you can choose to curl your hair inwards or outwards. Not bad for this bidirectional setting and it saves you the trouble of having to twirl your hair around the brush itself. Genious.



  • Rotating ceramic barrel with soft natural boar and nylon bristles
  • Super Ionic technology for a frizz-free high shine finish
  • Two heat settings plus cool
  • Two rotation speeds for total control
  • Multi-directional brush
  • Protective cove


With this automated curling function, it makes it so much easier for hair to be curled up. I also noticed that my hair looks shinier after curling and it doesn’t look really dry like how some curlers would do to my hair.

I would say that it is a pretty innovative tool especially for users like myself who just wanted to those loose and big curls at my hair ends.

How I Curl My Hair with BaByliss BIG HAIR:


I placed the brush at the lower section of my hair and ensure that the brush is gripping onto my hair.


Then I click on the left button to rotate the bursh head and it started to curl inwards. I allow the heat to set my hair for about 20 seconds or so and then I comb down my hair with the brush inwards to loosen the tool. And that is all! A gentle wave is produced and it stays on about 2 hours or so (without styling products) before the hair starts to relax. You can blow dry your semi-dry hair or dry hair with this tool. I haven’t tried blowing drying my wet hair with this tool yet but I think its best to always style your hair when it is slightly damp but not wet.

I guess the greatest advantage this tool have over other curlers is the ease for the user to curl their hair. In addition, a fraction of the time is save when you are using the BIG HAIR by BaByliss. However, the downside is the bulkiness of tool and the fact that it does requires some cleaning and maintenance as you need to pull out all the hair strands which are trapped in between the hair bristles of the brush. It also may not seem as versatile as other hair curlers which allows you to do smaller curls at the side of your fringe.

But if all you wanted is those loose and shiny curls with volume, this gadget is the best fit for that purpose. For me, it is just the right curler for me as I just wanted to achieve a modern yet simple hairdo.


And if you would like to find more about how hair stylist use this tool to style the hair, you can watch this video right below. You should also check out their revolutionary hair curler is their Curl Secret which ‘secretly’ curls your hair.

BaByliss BIG HAIR is available at Mass Mark International in Singapore.

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